All Welcome

A dilemma many of us have faced, maybe it’s a wedding, or a party–we want to invite all our friends and family, but can we? Is it possible to have an open invitation without the situation getting out of hand? I remember as a young teenager being upset because my older brother would be invited […]


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Identity Theft

We’ve all heard of the unfortunate person who’s gone for a loan, only to discover their application has been rejected—not because they have a poor credit rating—no, previously, their rating has been perfect—but because some creep has stolen their identity, spent all their credit, and accrued a bad credit-rating. Identity theft—not nice, and it can […]

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We were warned to allow at least two hours to get from Zurich Airport to Watwil. ‘What? According to Google Maps, it should only take an hour,’ we thought. ‘It’s only sixty kilometres—and we’ve got the freeway.’ Did time speed up in Switzerland, perhaps owing to the mini-black hole created by the Large Hadron Collider? […]

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