ROAD-TRIPPING Adventures of Easters in the Flinders Ranges   I’m often asked, as a writer, from where do I get my inspiration. Similar to many writers, my stories have been sparked by real experience. I feel that these experiences lay the foundation for the tale, although I may use my characters rather than the actual […]


In Memory of My Grandma…

Born March 16, 1906 THE DOOR IS ALWAYS OPEN Grandma rarely locked the back door; not when home or if she ran short errands. The only times she did lock the back door was when she went away on holiday. Ah! Those were the days! The 1960’s—Adelaide, the front door greeted strangers and sales people, […]

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Happy Hunting Ground

  Dad leaned on his shovel and with a wrinkled handkerchief patted sweat from his head displacing the few strands of hair masquerading as a “comb-over”. Then with grunts sounding as if he were puffing billy, he attacked the garden bed. With each load of soil, he groaned, puffed and wheezed, demonstrating how hard he […]

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