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In 2008, Uncle Richard, playwright and author flicked through the wads of paper, an early version of my manuscript called “Mary’s Story”. He didn’t like Science Fiction. He called it “Soap Opera in space”.

‘Well, at least you have only typed on one side of the page—you can use the other side, at least.’

“My baby” judged and found wanting and for very good reason. Uncle Richard outlined all that was wrong with the novel—weasel words, you know the ones ending in “-ly”, and a thesaurus of words other than “said”, a parade of passives and you name it, I did it—wrong—in “my baby”.

‘And,’ he went on, ‘you need to number the pages.’

Good point.

‘But,’ Uncle Richard stressed, ‘and this is a very, very, good idea. I don’t mean very good, I mean very, very, very good.’ He leafed through…

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2 thoughts on “MY MISSION…

  1. Yes you need to start somewhere and have a relative to give good feedback. We need to take the advise and adapt to improve our writing style as need to be interesting to get readers and sell.
    Keep it up


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