An Extract from my novel: Mission of the Unwilling


Liesel fidgeted. “We’ve got to do something, I hate just sitting here.” She picked up her torch and headed for the door. “Well? Aren’t you coming?”

I leapt towards her. “Stay here, Liesel. What if Boris gets you,” I said trying to pull her back into the room. “I’m sure the men can handle it.”

I was too late.

“I can handle Boris.” Liesel shot out the door.

I heard a shriek. “Get off me!”

Then a bump.

“Ugh! Stop it!”

I followed the sounds of protest through the door. Boris in his dressing gown groped Liesel. He cackled as her pear-shaped body wriggled and squirmed in his hands. “Tell me where he is,” he said, “or I’ll choke you.”

“Get off me! I said I don’t—know!” She prised herself from his grip. “Leave me alone!”

I ran back in the playroom.

I hit the ‘on’ button for the com system. “Liesel’s under attack! Boris has boarded.”

No response, except crackling.

I hammered the button. “Somebody, come, quick. Boris…”

Fritz appeared on screen. “What?”

“Boris—he’s boarded.”


“He’s got Liesel.”



I raced into the corridor.

Boris had looped his dressing gown cord around Liesel’s neck.

Liesel clutched at the cord. She thrashed. Kicked. And spluttered.

I detected Fritz poking his head around the corner. He held a laser.

Fritz fired a shot over Boris’ head.

Boris, paused, loosened the noose around Liesel’s neck. He smiled inanely, “Missed!” he said in a singsong croak.

Liesel seized the opportunity and planted a well-aimed kick between his thighs. With a salutary “Get off you cockroach”, she sent him rolling in a ball of pain down the tunnel.

Zach caught up to him at the junction and wrestled him.

Zap! Zach sprung back as black acrid smoke filled the passage. While Zach bounced against the wall, Boris scuttled through the smoke into obscurity.


© Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2015


The complete story is available on Amazon: Marie Kling

Last day going free on Kindle.


6 thoughts on “IT’S FREE!

  1. I have the book and totally enjoyed reading it. I took awhile to realise what Boris is. Knowing the author her sense of humour really comes out in the writing style. Keep up the good work and keep churning them out


    1. Thank you. The sequel is on its way and is in the capable hands and eyes of an editor. Meanwhile, there’s the T-Team for readers who like travelling in the outback rather than outer space.


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