THE CHOICE: On the Beach





One of those summer days doused in grey…I rode my bike to the beach to collect shells. As I combed the surf-soaked sands, a man’s voice snapped me out of the zone.


‘Found anyone interesting?’


‘Nup, no bodies,’ I murmured.


‘That’s a shame, a nice looking lady like you.’’


I fixed my sight on shards of shell and ignored him. Hate those pickup lines.


‘Oh, what’s your problem? I’m not going to bite.’


I glanced at him—had to see what creep I was dealing with. Pale, pock-marked face, thirties and just a little taller than me at 165cm. He wore some grubby white t-shirt and brown trousers. “Never trust a man who wears brown trousers,” Liesel, my school friend, always said.


‘Come on, dear, just a little conversation. Tell me, what do you want more than anything in the world?’


I shrugged. ‘To leave me alone.’


‘Tell you what, you tell me and I’ll leave you alone. Deal?’


I pushed my bike faster trying to escape this man, but he chased me.


‘I promise, I’ll leave you alone—just tell me.’


Hopping on my bike I announced, ‘I don’t talk to strangers.’


‘I’m not going to hurt you. I bet, I bet you’re one of those girls who wants to get married, have a family. That’s what you want more than anything.’


‘If you say so, now leave me alone.’ I sped from the creepy little man with his creepy questions.


‘Your desire will be arranged,’ he said as I splashed my wheels through the water. He then shouted, ‘But, I might add, there will be a price.’


‘Sure, sour grapes,’ I mumbled. Then pumping the pedals, I sailed along the damp-packed sand where the waves met the shore.


Then, near the ramp and having to cross sand too soft for bikes, I glanced behind before alighting. The man in brown trousers was gone…






An extract from a draft of Diamonds in the Cave © Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2016




Painting: Sellicks Beach—where Mission of the Unwilling begins © Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2015 [Mixed media]



6 thoughts on “THE CHOICE: On the Beach

  1. Dear Lee-Anne

    I found this story disturbing. Was it out of your imagination – or did it happen to you? With the terrible number of incidents around Adelaide of children going missing or being sexually abused, I hope it was your imagination. It would be ghastly if you had come into contact with the man responsible for the Beaumont children’s or the Radcliffe/Gordon disappearances.

    It was a good, but chilling read.

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, Boris disturbs. Actually, I did have a similar experience, but the man used a boy to try and befriend me. I sensed something was off, and made a hasty exit from the beach. They followed me to my home. Fortunately, Mum was home and she sensed something not-quite-right, so we made our excuses (shoe shopping) and sent the pair on their way. God certainly protected me that day.


    1. Thank you for your response, Rommel. This little extract from my draft Diamonds in the Cave, was inspired by a character development exercise where we were to examine what our characters wanted most, above all else. What a character wants will affect their choices, behaviour, and who they are. And there’s always a cost to getting what one wants. Every story reflects life, and yes, life is tricky. We need to be careful what we wish for.


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