Journey to Final

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Journey to Final


The Art of Enjoying the Process




At kindergarten, my boys’ kindergarten, way back in the 1990’s, I learned an important life-lesson. Creating is as much about the process, as the end product. Much like travelling, the journey to reach the destination is as important as the destination. So true of art. For me, what would be the point of painting if I focussed only on the final product? That being said, what is my goal? Is it to paint a sale-worthy product? Is my goal merely to make money out of my paintings? If it was, then, I might as well pack up my art supplies, store them in the garage, vege-out on the couch and watch Netflix shows.


No, I enjoy the whole process, from finding my subject to finally sitting and taking sales at our art group’s exhibition.


So, here’s some snapshots of this journey of my most recent painting from its conception to nowhere-near-its-final stage.


[Photo: Sand-dunes (c) Lee-Anne Marie Kling 1983]SAartsubjects002compressed.jpg


I captured this scene in the early 1980’s when I dabbled in black and white photography, developing my own negative film and using the university darkroom to print.


Recently, a friend gave me the opportunity to take part in a workshop by Richard Rogers. I chose this photo as a good subject depicting light and dark.




[Sketch of dunes (c) Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2017]Art Blog005compressed.jpg


I like to sketch my scenes to work out the composition and tones.




[Watercolour study of Dunes (c) Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2017]Art Blog006comp.jpg


At art group I prefer to work in watercolours wet on wet. I get joy out of the random movements of colour and happy accidents which at times do a better job at creating than me having control over the work. Could be another useful scene for the Lost World of the Wends, I reckon.




[Sand-dunes beginnings (c) Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2017]sand-dunes painting compressed.jpg


A beautiful sunny day, last Tuesday. Why should I do housework when a blank (actually, not blank, but crimson and blue with ribbons, begging to be made into sand-dunes) screen awaits? After visiting Colonnades shopping centre where our art group’s exhibition is being held, I set up on the back patio, and spent an hour or so blocking in the dunes with acrylic paints. I kept in mind to work on the tones, and having a good balance of light and dark, warm and cool colours. In this painting I’ve used a warm creamy-coloured white, and cool blues and reds. I’ve learnt that limiting the palette to two or three colours has a pleasing effect.




The week since has ramped up with busyness. So, the unfinished work has sat on the easel where I can look at it and work out the next steps to completion. My mum checked it out today and said, ‘That’s looking good.’ I always listen to my mum.




…to be continued as I reach the final work.




© Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2017


Photo, sketch and paintings © Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2017








4 thoughts on “Journey to Final

  1. I love this piece. Yes it’s good showing the beginning to the end and the result is worth it. It’s amazing watching artists at work from the early beginning to the end product and knowing the journey they went on. I applaud artists , you’re all so focused and talented . Alas I’m not able to draw to save myself however I enjoy been the purchaser artist buyer. Yes I proudly display three of LeeAnne’s babies on my wall and mull over them everyday. As a buyer unit paintings they either tell a story but all have s special place .
    Keep this up, you are a very talented artist . Love your work

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t wait to see your final work. Art is to the beholder , a good way to fill empty wall spaces .
    I try to hang my pieces which shows a story or similar themes together just need more walls as running out of room. Well could charge as to see my private gallery/collection.
    I need to be patient to see the end of this piece. Keep up the good work!


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