Lost World of the Wends (18)

Amie peeked into the cave.
Walter Wenke perched on a rock slab, and warmed his hands over a campfire.
Amie said, ‘Walter? What are you doing here?’

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Monday Missive: Write Tips

Recently I had the offer to borrow some characters. A new concept, I’d never considered borrowing characters for any of my novels before. Would I want to do them?

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My brother pumped the crank, winding it non-stop. Phut! No sound. Not even a click. He kicked the Rover’s tyre.

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Disappointment at Docker River

We journeyed, with frequent photo stops, through more mulga woodland, the Peterman Ranges making a charming mauve background to the valley of inky limbs holding up the blue-green canopy of leaves. The mountains behind the mulga groves tempted us, the soft breeze whispering through the gullies calling, “Come to us, explore us, see what we have to offer.”

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