Lost World of the Wends (23)

Wake and Walkabout
Part 2

Nathan stepped into camp. Food—anything—toast, porridge, or even dull, colourless and boring semolina, and a cup of billy tea—just the thought tantalized his tastebuds.

Detective Dan Hooper and Arthur Fleischer cut through the eucalypt saplings and entered the campsite. Fleischer raced over to the four-wheel drive to check on his son who looked like he’d been playing games on his mobile phone all night.

‘What took you so long?’ Dan asked.

‘Been tracking all night. Found nothin’.’

Dan gave Nathan a soft punch to the arm. ‘Some tracker you are.’

‘What?’ Nathan rubbed his arm. He knew Dan. He knew he was joking. ‘Wha’d about you sitting on your backside all night?’

‘Aw, I’ve been holding Daddy’s hand,’ Dan whispered. ‘Do you know how challenging that has been?’

‘Don’t get too close.’ Nathan laughed. He then looked down. ‘I tracked ‘em to a cave. Two footprints. One boy. One girl. But in cave, no boy, and no girl there.’

‘Great! Just what we need.’ Dan kicked the sand. ‘Look, mate, we have to give it a rest. The helicopter’s still out there, we have the guys up from Alice still searching. But we need to take these guys,’ he pointed at the father and son, ‘back to The Mission. The wife, Carol Fleischer’s coming up.’

‘But, boss, I’m close. I feel their spirits in the cave.’

‘No use without their bodies.’

‘They’re still alive. They’re in the world where the sun always shines.’

‘Sounds like heaven.’

‘No, not heaven. There’s a cockroach man there. We need to find and save them before the cockroach man gets them.’

Dan Hooper rolled his eyes. ‘Is this another one of your stories?’

‘No, it’s real.’

‘Is this the same cockroach man who you say took the bus load of tourists away to the land of flying insects?’

‘Yes, Dan.’

‘This cockroach man seems to be quite busy lately.’

‘He is, Dan.’

‘So, if this cockroach man has taken the boy and the girl, what do you think he’ll do with them?’

‘He’ll breed them, Dan.’

‘I see.’ Dan scratched his chin. ‘And the tourists?’

‘Breed some, and eat some, Dan.’

‘So, I’m looking for a cockroach, Nathan.’

‘Well, not exactly.’

‘What do you mean? What does this cockroach man look like?’

‘You’re not going to like it.’

‘Try me.’

‘You won’t believe me, Dan.’

Hooper beckoned. ‘Go on, I’m curious.’

Nathan stared at his feet. He raised his hand above his head. ‘This tall. Him little bit fat. Round face. Brown curly hair. Check shirt and wearing glasses.’

‘Do you know this person, Nathan?’

Nathan nodded.

‘Who is this person?’

‘Walter, Dan.’

‘Walter Wenke?’

Nathan nodded again.

‘Well, that takes the biscuit.’

‘Last I saw him, he had wings.’

‘You’re winding me up,’ Hooper nudged the fire with his boot. ‘I don’t believe ya.’

‘Told ya, ya wouldn’t. But it’s true.’ Nathan picked up a bowl, then the packet of cornflakes. As he shook the cereal into his bowl, he said, ‘And he tried to kill me. He’s a bad cockroach man, Dan.’

‘I don’t believe you,’ Dan said. He turned and trudged over Mr. Fleischer and son.

Nathan munched on his cornflakes. Why do I bother? You tell’em truth and they don’t believe you. The cave was blocked. But there’s another way. Cockroach man must have another way close to home. Might check out old morgue…strange goings on around that place lately…

(to be continued…)

© Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2017
Photo: Camp Dawn © C.D. Trudinger 1981



2 thoughts on “Lost World of the Wends (23)

  1. Now I do sense a change good battling evil Boris. Detective Dan just needs to believe Nathan. I loved the dialect very easy to read and I get the feel of the outback lingo etc.
    I love the tree it gives a new sign of hope.
    My fingers and everything crossed that the search team heads towards the morgue and check out what been happening.
    This piece a sense of relief but still a lot of urgency not to stop that search to continue on. I guess I need to be patient for the next instalment . It will be great if all lost Wendts are found safe and Boris gets what comes to him.
    I’ve got my fingers crossed that Nathan and Dan are successful and not too late with their search .
    Keep this up, a week takes too long to come around each time.
    As you can gather I really love reading this.


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