Monday Missive

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Been sorting through old slides and came across this one back in the 1980’s—backyard full of car-bodies. Those were the days before my mechanic brother acquired a workshop in Lonsdale. And I recalled the old Mazda my Dad bought for a bargain because its rear had been damaged. The engine worked alright. Good for a new and inexperienced driver as I was back then…except the ol’ bomb with the dodgy back was a police-magnet. I don’t have a photo of this icon, but I do have this poem…


A Prayer for the Mazda

Now every time the battle-axe we release,
We pray:
Keep our Mazda running from police
Particularly today.

Grant us all green lights, for our brakes may fail,
And may thy Mazda’s effervescent light shine forth
At both head and tail.

Forgives us our blinkers, our wipers, the lot,
As we forgive those who are enemies and gripers
Of the Mazda we’ve got.

© L.M.Kling (nee Trudinger) 1982
Photo from slide courtesy of M.Trudinger 1982


4 thoughts on “Monday Missive

  1. I had a great laugh. Very close to my current situation with my car a constant prayer so able to get to locations and return home safely that mine doesn’t break down , way overdue for service & no money so can’t afford also not to encounter the police brigade and getting a ticket for speeding or defects.
    Hopefully this comment will post


    1. Such is life with money tight. My Dad was always looking for a bargain but my mum not happy as he traded in our beautiful Holden Premier for the Mazda,all because he wanted to save money on petrol.


  2. Ah yes sometimes what you save you spend more elsewhere.
    Some of the old bombs going are reliable , body paint may look tired where as the newer ones forever braking down.
    I feel gone are the days you get a good honest reliable bargain . Some of the modern versions are OK until an accident then maybe a death trap,
    Unfortunately we do rely upon them so much especially good old Adelaide is known for unreliable public transport depending upon where we the mortal lives suburbs wise.


    1. Yes, indeed. And with electricity prices the highest in the world, many of us in Adelaide can’t afford to buy new cars. We have to get by with a bargain and 20-year old cars.
      Hubby told me that in the past in Adelaide, tramlines were closed down so that people would be forced to buy cars and support the local car-manufacturing industry. No forward thinking…now the Holden factory has closed down, and South Road on week-day mornings is a carpark.


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