Lost World of the Wends (33)

They trooped over to the barn and poked around in the bales of straw. No Friedrich.
‘Perhaps he’s in the outhouse,’ Amie said.
‘Or under it,’ Joseph added.
‘What do you mean?’ Herr Biar asked.
‘He might be in the cellar underneath,’ Amie said.
‘What cellar?’
‘The one with the glowing blue light,’ Joseph said. ‘Maybe he’s hiding there.’
‘Or gone to the other side,’ Amie said.
‘What do you mean, other side?’ Herr Biar scratched his forehead.

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Lost World of the Wends (32)

While Dr. Zwar examined Wilma with the contents of his bag and more superstition than medical knowledge, Amie, Joseph, Herr and Frau Biar stayed downstairs in the now wrecked kitchen and dining room. They stood as not one chair remained unscathed by the attack of cows gorged with milk and udders full. The group averted their gaze from the slush of cow pats and puddles, shielding their noses from the overpowering pong.

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Most Flavourful

Lunch time approached and while Dad scouted the street for a grocery store, and a butcher’s that seemed to elude him in a remote town like Alice, the rest of us sought a place to eat. In our restaurant-hunt, we passed three bottle shops. But where were the café’s, the restaurants, and the snack bars?

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