Tuesday Thoughts in September


Exhausted, yet restless to advance
Ever onwards in a trance,
A weary traveller
Dogged, deaf and blind
Trudging, trudging, trudging
The treadmill.
Riches, status, happiness to find.

Just Be
And know I AM
The eternal.

Furtive, frustrated, fraught we fuss,
Anxiety, confusion dumping on us,
Weary travellers.
Failure looms, chaos glooms,
Confined in our lonely rooms.

Just be
Shed the clutter,
And behold,
The beauty of I AM.

So what if we fear,
Makes a lonely tear?
Take risks
Lonely traveller.


In that comfort-cell,
You’ll regret the stale smell.

Just be…
Yet depart,
Capture destiny
In your heart.

The great I AM said,
‘I am with you,
Can’t you see?
Weary traveller
Stop running, stop striving,
Just be,
And rest in me.’

© Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2017

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the Life…” John 14:6


A Bit of Advertising
If you’re in Adelaide, South Australia, come and enjoy our Marion Art Group exhibition at Westfield Marion Shopping Centre, Oaklands park. On all this week until Sunday, September 24. Calm at Coles Bay is one of my works exhibited there.
~ Lee-Anne Marie Kling

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