Lost World of the Wends (31)

They hurried through the torrent. Each yanked at a door and then flew in.
Joseph sat, his hands in mid-air. ‘Where’s the steering wheel?’
Doctor Zwar tapped the wheel before him. ‘You mean this?’
Simultaneously, the doctor and Joseph leapt out of the car and ran around it. They jumped in soaked like drowned rats.

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Story Behind the Painting (9)

After breakfast, we bowed our heads, folded our hands, and prayed nothing would go wrong in our quest to conquer Mt. Woodroffe, the highest mountain in South Australia. Dad prayed that no one went astray, especially my brother.

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Lost World of the Wends (30)

A lady with a withered face, and so stooped she probably only looked normal if she sat, opened the door. ‘Yah?’
Joseph used his best German. ‘I beg your pardon, but would you be so kind as to tell us where the doctor resides?’
The old lady grimaced and with an arthritic finger also bent double, pointed down the street. ‘At the end of the road, on the corner. The one with the Merc—can’t miss it.’
Amie and Joseph caught each other’s eye.
‘Did you say, ‘Merc’? A car?’ Joseph asked.
‘Yah. Ze horseless carriage—he didn’t want to be doctor—he vas our pastor. Aber Herr Roach insisted…persuaded him.’
‘With the Merc.’
The woman nodded. ‘No one likes it—it spooks the horses.’

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