Monday Missive: Time to Enjoy

I Have a Story


I have a story…
Would you like to read it?
No—I’m too busy,
I have travel brochures to read.

I have a novel…
I’d like you to consider.
We regret to inform you,
We have a room full of unknown slush.

I have a painting…
Come? See? Buy, maybe?
Where would I put it? I really can’t afford it.

I have a song…
Want to listen?
Sometime, not right now, I’m busy.

And look, really,
Stop dreaming,
And get a real job.

Yeah, I know,
And then be too busy
To enjoy and create joy.
© Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2017

Feature Painting: Bud in Roses—Watercolour © Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2017


Take time to check out my U3A Writers’ Group anthology of short stories and poems called: 
The Butterfly’s Wing, available in print only, by Amazon.



4 thoughts on “Monday Missive: Time to Enjoy

  1. I loved it both. Very well written brief but too point.
    Yes we’re too busy with work. Loved painting , goes well with your piece.
    Glad to see someone else have added their comments.
    Keep it up


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