Monday Missive: An Ode

R.I.P. Old PC!


Oh, dear! It’s doing in my head,
The old computer is dead!

Well, perhaps not quite,
We’ll try one more time, right?

There’s a humming and clicking in the machine,
But nothing appearing on the screen.

Pull out its innards, I must,
Get rid of all that accumulated dust.

Check each point, one by one,
There seems nothing can be done.

‘It’s dead!’ I cry. ‘No a drive,’
My son says, ‘it’s still alive.’

Son’s advice: If you stick to Windows seven,
The computer won’t die and go to heaven.

Too late, Windows ten I had to load,
Now it won’t open in safe mode.

‘Rest it a day or two,’ Son says.
‘Then it’ll be as good as new.’

So while I wait for this “magic” fix,
I put my feet up and binge on Netflix.

Besides I can use my laptop or phone,
To write about the old PC in a poem.


© Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2017
Feature Photo: Japanese Tombstones (c) Lee-Anne Marie Kling 1985

6 thoughts on “Monday Missive: An Ode

  1. I had a great laugh! Thank you. I can sympathise with you, these computers a mind of their own. They let you down at the most opportune time, no consideration for the human. They’re suppose to make life easy but at times a total spin out.
    I loved this piece , totally related to this piece. Keep up your writing


      1. It always seems we rely upon the computer and modem technology sooooo much! It lets us down at the worst and unexpected time . Timing which doesn’t suit us. Hope all gets sorted out. Heather


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