Lost World of the Wends (43)


On the Bus
Part 3

Friedrich flattened his small body against the concrete building behind the historic church. So far, so good. He pushed the door. It creaked and opened a crack. He slid through the gap. He gestured to the dog. ‘Come here!’

The dog hung back.

Friedrich tried again. He urged his new friend to join him. But he refused to move. Afraid of the ghost, Friedrich thought.

In the morgue he hunted for that blue ray. Surely there must be one—it must appear from time to time. How else did that nasty Boris come so quick?

But all was black in there.

Friedrich ran his hand along the slab in the centre of the small room. He stepped gingerly to the back where the darkness was thickest. He stretched out his hands and shuffled into it. He touched the wall. Cold, wet stone and solid like ice.

Nothing. Was he stuck here? All this because he wanted to escape Boris…and also because he wanted to find help in this world for Wilma? Maybe if he waited the ray of light would appear. He had another plan. He’d block this outhouse passage and so free his world of that smelly Boris. That’s what he’d do. Imagine how happy the townsfolk would be without that bully lording it over them and plaguing their world with bugs. But, then, what about Wilma?

‘Well, well, well, what do we have here?’

Friedrich gasped. His hands gripped the stones on the wall. Slowly, he twisted his head.
He saw a glow, but it wasn’t the ray of light he was hoping for. It was Boris’ hand—his ray-gun hand.

‘Here you are my little bunny rabbit, just where I want you.’ He cackled.
The door clunked—shut.

Friedrich gasped. His mouthy went dry.

Boris continued, ‘You will do just nicely. I have just the Grey-girl for you to build my army of hybrids.’ His feet crunched on stray stones on the floor. ‘I’m sure your friends will be here soon. They’ll be looking for you.’

The glow hovered just above Friedrich.

Friedrich dodged it and moved sideways.

‘Oh, come on! Don’t be like that,’ the creature said. ‘I won’t harm you. I’ll give you anything you want. More than anything.’

‘Anything?’ Friedrich squeaked.


‘My sister—make her well.’

‘That can be arranged…but, there will be a price. You understand?’

‘I understand.’ Friedrich sighed. What choice do I have?

‘Now, come here—it won’t be so bad, you’ll see.’

Friedrich sank to the floor. His heart became like lead as if he’d sold his soul to the devil—all to save his sister.

© Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2017

Feature Photo: Hermannsburg Sunset © C.D. Trudinger circa 1955




2 thoughts on “Lost World of the Wends (43)

  1. I love the photo it captures this scene nicely. Ah Boris! What does he plan to do? I feel for poor Friedrick and wanting to make his sister well again. More twists and turns?
    Keep up your writing am enjoying this emensly.
    Only one complaint , stopping this scene suddenly when really getting my teeth into it. However I do know this is a trait of a good writing keeping the reader in suspense wanting more, having to wait for the next instalment.
    Love this piece, keep it up


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