Trekking With the T-Team Next Generation: Central Australia 2013

The K-Team settled down by the fire and munched on lamb chops, baked potatoes with slathers of butter, and juicy canned corn. Ah, this is the life! Surrounded by Glen Helen’s cliffs of red iron, tranquil waters below, ducks quacking, and the cry of Mrs T rising above the hubbub of fellow campers.
‘Oh, no, the T-Team’ve had back luck again!’ I said.
‘The schnitzels have gone off!’ Mrs T’s voice echoed, bouncing off the nearby cliffs.

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Tuesday Thoughts: Seasonal Work

And here’s me with all my romantic memories of apple-picking in Tasmania. Did I mention that when I worked in Judbury, my fellow-workers were all locals and I was the one who was from “overseas”, the mainland? And here I was thinking that Son 2 who needs work, could go to Tasmania and pick apples. Am I not an average Aussie? I ask you.

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