Lost World of the Wends (58)

Friedrich emerged from the cave and blinked. Mountains, shimmered blue and purple. Waves of pink and violet carpeted the hills leading up to the snow-covered peaks. Not like that dry dusty place he’d left which Walter insisted was the real Australia. Can’t be. Didn’t Boris promise a land of milk and honey? Can’t be the real earth, so barren. How could that be?

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Monday Muse: Story Behind the Painting

We tramped through soft sand. Like sands through the hour glass so the minutes sifted away and our campsite continued to elude us. Sand filled my boots. I sat on the root of a river gum, pulled off my boots and poured out the sand.
MB stood over me. ‘Hurry up! We’ll never get there.’
‘Sure we haven’t gone the wrong way?’ I pulled on my boots. My feet ached.
‘No, I don’t think so.’

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Lost World of the Wends (57)

Nathan, Walter and Friedrich arrived in The Mission just after dark.
The locals sauntering on the main road greeted Nathan with a dip of their heads. ‘What’s happening with the radio?’ Nathan asked.
‘Radio not working,’ they replied.
‘Though’ so. Spirits have cut radio waves, I reckon.’
‘Hmm, those spirits very busy lately.’
‘Bad Walter, again!’
‘Hmm, bad Walter.’

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Sunday Snaps

A gentle breeze carried the scent of sweet spring water as well as the sound of rustling leaves. With the hope that our search was over, Dad and I picked up speed passing the plodding young men.

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Lost World of the Wends (56)

Nathan toyed with the police car’s CB radio. He stabbed at the buttons, lifted the speaker to his lips and blew, and then switched the device on and then off.
Walter readjusted his grip on the steering wheel. ‘You shouldn’t be fiddling with that.’
‘It should work.’
‘You’ve done something wrong,’ Walter said. ‘Maybe you’ve broken it. Dan’ll be pleased.’

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The Wonder of Mt Woodroffe

Even before we started striking up the slope of Mount Woodroffe, our varying levels of agility and skill at mountain climbing, separated the young from the older. Richard, Phillip and Ashleigh youthful men at the peak of their fitness, lead the way. The older men, lagged far behind, taking frequent rests, the first being a hundred metres from the starting point.

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