The Choice Bits

The girls sheered away from him.
‘Oh, keep away from the plague,’ one said loud enough for him to hear.
‘Ugh, he smells like cow dung.’
‘No one would want to marry him.’
‘All he attracts is bugs and flies.’
And the three girls giggled.

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The T-Team With Mr B (3)

Mr. B had a sour expression on his face as he sipped his porridge. He finished a mouthful and then remarked, ‘I dare say, ol’ chap, what’s all this running around?’
‘I want us to get to Ernabella today,’ Dad said.
‘Can’t we just take it easy? I’m still adjusting to the inferior sleeping arrangements.’ Mr. B massaged his back as if emphasising the pains that he endured.

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Lost World of the Wends (64)

‘What about the boy, Friedrich?’ Nathan asked.
Amie shrugged. ‘He belongs here.’
‘With that nut you call Boris?’
Joseph looked Walter up and down. ‘Are you sure he’s not Boris?’
‘I’m not!’ Walter pouted. ‘I told you when I first saw you two back there, Boris impersonated me. The creep!’

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Rapid Disintegration

Dr Zwar with the Biar family watched on while Boris swallowed. Zwar imagined the pure bliss sliding down Boris’ throat. Or perhaps, not so pure bliss; the added extras, namely Borax, that had been included in this cream recipe. They stared at him like an audience of one of those foody shows he’d seen on a visit to Earth. He’d gone there with Boris to select the Mercedes.

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