Lost World of the Wends (64)


Escape From The World of the Wends


‘What about the boy, Friedrich?’ Nathan asked.

Amie shrugged. ‘He belongs here.’

‘With that nut you call Boris?’

Joseph looked Walter up and down. ‘Are you sure he’s not Boris?’

‘I’m not!’ Walter pouted. ‘I told you when I first saw you two back there, Boris impersonated me. The creep!’

Nathan tapped Walter on the back. ‘Yep, he’s the good, the real Walter. You can trust me.’
The hike up to the cave was steep. Amie, Joseph and Nathan climbed each level like mountain goats, but Walter strained with each upward step. Every few minutes they rested with Walter who puffed and wheezed.

Amie watched Walter bend over and grip his thighs. ‘We’re almost there.’

‘Just five more minutes,’ Joseph encouraged. And then aside to Amie he muttered,

‘Definitely not Boris.’

‘No,’ Amie whispered, ‘Boris would’ve sprouted wings and flown.’

They crawled at the speed of snails on a European holiday up to the cave. The suns sped across the sky as if on steroids. They reached the tundra that yawned ahead of them.

‘I don’t remember this,’ Walter remarked in between wheezy breaths.

‘We may be going a little bit of a different way,’ Amie said.

‘Just a slight detour,’ Joseph added. ‘Just in case we meet some unfriendly Wends.’

‘Or Boris,’ Amie snorted.

They crossed the alpine plain and then battled the rapids. Nathan hauled Walter’s dripping body out of the stream.

‘I don’t remember crossing a raging river,’ Walter complained

‘Told you, the locals won’t come this way,’ Amie said.

‘Just hope Boris doesn’t, Amie’ Joseph sighed.

‘Oh, Jo, don’t be so negative! By now the cockroach will be in the death throes from the borax the doctor or whoever would’ve fed it to him.’

‘I hope so.’

They schlepped over the last of the humps that were covered in freshly fallen snow.

‘I don’t remember the snow.’ Walter shivered. ‘Are you sure it’s the right cave?’

Amie rolled her eyes. ‘The weather changes in an instant. The snow’s just fallen. If we don’t hurry, we might get caught in a blizzard. We better keep on moving or we might suffer hypothermia.’

Joseph stumped up the hill. ‘Come on, it’s just over there!’

Amie and Nathan chased after him. ‘Careful!’ Amie said.

Joseph halted and turned around. ‘Now, who’s going to climb up here in a blizzard?’
An olive-coloured flying creature, the size of an eagle but webbed like a bat, weaved in and out of the clouds and shrieked at their presence.

Nathan glanced back and gestured to Walter who lumbered up the hill way below them. ‘Hurry, mate!’ He patted his .303 and paced to Amie and Joseph. There they stood waiting for the struggling Walter.

When Walter was only a few steps away, they turned around and completed the journey to the cave. They were high enough that at times the clouds were below them, sinking into the valley and shrouding it with mist. The first sun dipped behind the mountains. An icy gasp of air chilled Nathan through his bones penetrating his kidneys. He’d be glad to return to the oven-like heat of Australia.

Amie and Joseph edged towards the cave entrance. Amie looked at Nathan and gestured for him to enter.

‘Me?’ Nathan queried.

‘You have the gun,’ Amie whispered. ‘Just in case.’

Nathan cocked his rifle and crept in.

For the second time that day, a barrel of a rifle greeted him.

‘Stay out!’ Nathan yelled. ‘I think he’s not friendly.’ What could he do? If he shot this man with the mutton chop whiskers, in the cave at such close range, he might ruin their chances of returning to Earth through the portal. So, he backed out, mutton chops with his weapon pointed at his nose matching his retreat all the way.

Walter puffed as he stood behind Nathan. ‘You didn’t tell me we had company.’

© Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2018
Feature Photo: Shroud on the Santis, Swiss Alps © L.M Kling 2014




How did this all begin? Boris…and the war on this alien cockroach…
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2 thoughts on “Lost World of the Wends (64)

  1. Loved this piece. Poor Walter been impersonated by Boris, companions not believing who he is. Who did Nathan encounter in the cave, was it Boris? I can’t wait for the next instalment . Keep up your good work

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