Story Behind the Painting: Sala Special

Calm on Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach lies on the West Coast of Tasmania near Strahan. The wild winds of the roaring forties (between the 40 and 50 degrees latitude) attack the coast with relentless ferocity.

In 2001 I visited Ocean Beach with my family to see the mutton birds coming home to roost for the night. I had barely stepped out of the car before the biting cold wind blasted me and I made a hasty retreat back into the car. No view of mutton birds that evening. Result, no photos.

Ten years later, my mum and I visited Ocean Beach. While the East Coast was inundated with floods, Ocean Beach that afternoon was calm. We explored the beach, taking many photos of this rare state of the beach.

Ocean Beach-MET2011Photo 1: Ocean Beach through Dunes © M.E. Trudinger 2011
tas2011003cPhoto 2: Ocean Beach View the Distant storm © L.M. Kling 2011
tas2011001-Ocean BeachPhoto 3: Ocean Beach gentle tide-flow © L.M. Kling 2011
Ocean Beach lookout2011Photo 4: Ocean Beach—Lunch at the Lookout © L.M. Kling 2011

The reward of the experience—this painting in watercolour; one of my paintings exhibited with works from Marion Art Group in the SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival, at Marino Community Hall, Marino, each Sunday in August 2018 from 11am till 4pm.

October 2016, the K-Team ventured onto the sands of Ocean Beach on perhaps a not-so-calm day; calm enough though, that we were able to walk along the beach. Not being satisfied with just an obligatory few metres up and down, Mr K led us way up the estuary where we spotted a variety of birds, some fishermen, and the lighthouse sitting out there near the heads. Gotta get our money’s worth. After all, he’d seen the potential from the dizzy distance of the cruise boat as it sailed past the heads of Macquarie Harbour. I think if we’d allowed him, we’d still be walking along the coast somewhere around Tasmania.

Ocean B kteam 2016Photo 5: K-Team in dunes of Ocean Beach © L.M. Kling 2016
OB rough ktm2016Photo 6: Rough Surf of Ocean Beach © L.M. Kling 2016
OB debris ktm2016Photo 7: Debris from Storm of Ocean Beach © L.M. Kling 2016
OB island ktm 2016Photo 8: Walk of Ocean Beach and view of island © L.M. Kling 2016
OB fishm ktm2016Photo 9: Fishermen of Ocean Beach © L.M. Kling 2016
OB better birds ktm2016Photo 10: The birds of Ocean Beach © L.M. Kling 2016
OB lighthouse ktm2016Photo 11: The Lighthouse of the Macquarie Harbour Heads © L.M. Kling 2016

Still, nothing like a thorough study of my muse which I have also now painted in miniature on Huon Pine and on canvas in acrylic—each time different.

Calm Ocean B-2018Painting: Ocean Beach Calm (Acrylic on canvas) © Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2018

© Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2016; Updated 2018

Feature Photo: Painting—
Calm on Ocean Beach (Watercolour) © Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2016

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