Christmas Reflection

Dear fellow travellers through this life-journey, for us in Australia, mid-summer, another Christmas has been accomplished. Now that Christmas here on this hot day in Australia is almost over, it’s time to be still and reflect…

Be Still

Exhausted, yet restless to advance

Ever onward in a trance,

A weary traveller

Refused to look around

So lost the intimate beauties which could be found.

Be still,

And know God the eternal creator.

Furtive, frustrated, fraught we flee,

When confusion bears down on thee,

A weary traveller.

Failure looms, chaos glooms,

In life, this lonely room.

Be still,

And wing your eyes

To soar above the clutter.

Marvel at the vastness of creation

Where God lies.

If what we infinitely fear

Will produce a lonely tear,

Of a weary traveller,

We blind ourselves with sorrows

Clinging to illusions of good morrows.

Be still,

Capture destiny in your heart,

For God said, “Let it be”.

See the beauty of its part.

Learn from what it has to offer

Ignore the scoffer.

A weary traveller did relent,

When Jesus was sent.

Be still,

While He,

Our hungry souls will fill.

© Lee-Anne Marie Kling (nee Trudinger) 1979; updated 2016; 2018

Feature Photo: Spectacular Seacliff Sunset ©L.M. Kling December 20, 2018


A gift for you

Thank you to all of you who have followed, liked, commented and taken the time to read my stories and missives.

So, as it is Christmas, a gift for you…

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Reflection

  1. Thank you loved this reflective piece, a good reminder what Christmas is about.
    Merry Christmas & a prosperous New Year.
    Looking forward to your posts in 2019

    Liked by 1 person

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