Out of the Chocolate Box (26)

As I approached him, Fahrer snatched the container. ‘I’m not going back.’
I checked the time. The time did not look good. It would be late in the morning by the time we reached camp. ‘Okay, that’s fine! They were talking about leaving you behind anyway,’ I replied. ‘And since they wanted me to help you, I won’t go either. And if you don’t mind me saying, in your emotional state, it would be a good thing if you didn’t board the LSS.’ I was bluffing.

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The T-Team with Mr B (19)

‘Oh, no!’ Dad cried.
‘What?’ Mr B sat up in his sack. He looked like a red caterpillar with slits for eyes.
‘The Rover’s bogged,’ Dad yelled from behind the Rover.
‘How can you tell?’ Mr B asked.
Dad sighed. ‘Ooh, it doesn’t look good. Told you we shouldn’t’ve camped in a creek bed.’

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