Out of the Chocolate Box (34)

Truth or Dare

[Episode 34 of a spin-off from my novels The Hitch-hiker and Mission of the Unwilling.]

I glanced at Günter. ‘I have to tell them the truth.’ His eyes widened, he looked like a trapped animal. ‘Look, they’ll find out anyway, I know Dan Hooper, and if there is one thing I remember about Dan, it’s that he’s good at his job as a detective, and he never forgets a face.’

Dan Hooper snapped his head around, clocking me for a second. ‘You know me? You remember who I am?’ He turned back to the business of driving.

Günter rolled his eyes. ‘Good one, Holly. I thought you were an empath.’

‘Another reason I have to tell the truth. Empaths have trouble lying.’ I fibbed.

‘So what’s the truth, then?’ Delaney twisted in her seat to study me. ‘A telepath, well, I’ll be!’

‘Empath, slight difference,’ I said. ‘Truth is, Commander Salome Driver, the former Captain of the Sister Ship, you know, the one who’s taken up a religious order on the Pilgrim Planet—’ I took a breath, ‘—she sent us, under strict secrecy, I might add, to spy on Boris’ progress on Earth—there’d been rumours, you see—unusual Trans-warp activity in the mountains—you see…’

‘I see.’

Günter shook his head. I caught a whiff of his thoughts. Unethical of me, I know. He was thinking, What’s she going to say next?

‘From where I’m sitting, it doesn’t look good.’

‘No, Boris activity has escalated in the Centre over the past six months.’ Delaney chewed her gum faster. ‘What he’s been doing with the Indig has concerned us, hasn’t it, Hooper.’

‘We’ve reported it,’ Hooper said.

‘But no one on Earth is listening.’

‘Wonderful! About time! A model for other Indig communities—world-wide. What are you worried about?’ Hooper slowed the car down as we entered the township. ‘That’s what those with power and influence say.’

Even in the dim light of dusk, the settlement appeared the epitome of “tidy town”. Houses placed in neat rows, and vintage-style light poles threw soft rays on manicured gardens. The roads were paved in bitumen.

‘You’re the only ones who’ve listened and understood,’ Delaney said. ‘Do you believe this place? It’s not natural!’

‘It’s like the authorities on Earth, I mean the IGSF big wigs—just don’t care,’ Dan stopped the patrol car in front of the Historic Precinct.

‘We have to take our concerns higher—but with limited resources…’

‘I’m not actually involved with the IGSF,’ Dan shrugged, ‘but she dragged me into it, what with that contraption in the morgue she was concerned about. Said it had something to do with Boris.’

‘I made ‘im watch it.’

Neither Delaney nor Hooper made any move to step out of the car. We sat as if we were observing the Adelaidean dating ritual of parking about which Minna had told me so much. Usually Adelaide couples parked their cars at some scenic spot along the beach front or on a hill overlooking the lights of the city. Somehow the gates of the Precinct in the darkness of this “tidy town” with the faint “doof-doof” of a party in the background, and the four of us, not exactly dating, didn’t quite fit the bill of “parking”…but hey, here we were…

‘Exactly,’ Hooper said. ‘I’d sit here, night after night, watching.’

‘Then you two turned up.’

‘We are not exactly connected to Boris,’ Günter said. He then pinched his nose.

‘Except that we want to rid the galaxy, no, the universe of Boris,’ I sighed. ‘He almost destroyed my life. You don’t know how many operations I had to go through after his attack on the ship I was on.’ My voice wobbled at the memory…the pain…watching Minna die… ‘And I was pushed some twenty years forward in time. You don’t know what that time-anomaly does to a girl.’

‘Try three hundred years,’ Günter muttered.

I looked at him. ‘What?’

‘Just saying, what is,’ the Captain said clearing his throat.

Delaney nodded sympathetically at us. ‘Well, now you can go back through that contraption—’

Günter just had to correct her. ‘Trans-warp.’

‘Whatever—and tell Driver. Perhaps she’s got enough influence to rally the forces.’

Hooper added, ‘Before it’s too late.’

© Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2019

Feature photo: Lights of Adelaide plains and city © L.M. Kling 2018


Itching for some more Sci-fi fantasy and adventure to break the monotony? Some Boris and his cockroaches to amuse you?

Click on the links to my novels below and learn how this war on the alien cockroach Boris began and will continue…

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2 thoughts on “Out of the Chocolate Box (34)

  1. I feel a move to be honest , is it too late? Are they all working for the same cause yet not knowing? Is one of them planted by Boris ? I’m totally enjoying this series, keep it up

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