Out of the Chocolate Box (35)

Truth Warped

[Episode 35 of a spin-off from my novels The Hitch-hiker and Mission of the Unwilling.]

Our friends in blue ushered Günter and me from the car and then we walked over to the morgue.

Günter shuffled a few steps behind us. He kept muttering, ‘Vat a vaste of das zeit (time)’. Not a happy camper!

My curiosity got the better of me. The last time I saw my sister was 1995, with her two little girls. We were never close. Why was Dan Hooper here? Alone? I turned to Hooper. ‘How’s Kate, my sister?’

‘Your sister?’

‘Yes, I thought you knew. I’m Holly. I joined the IGSF—I hope I didn’t cause too much—I just wanted to know how Kate is—’

Delaney cut in. ‘Don’t ask. That bitch.’

Dan looked away.

‘Is she okay?’

‘Oh, she’s doing fine—living the life in Switzerland, with all Dan’s money,’ Delaney snarled. ‘Why do you think he’s here in the middle of nowhere?’

Dan Hooper spoke in a low voice. ‘We’re divorced.’

‘Looks like I don’t have to worry about you reading my mind,’ Günter said.

I whipped around, hands on my hips. ‘I only do, when I’m invited.’ I then faced Dan. ‘I’m sorry to hear about you and Kate.’

‘Don’t worry about Dan,’ Delaney spoke up for Hooper, ‘he’s fine now he’s got Jemima.’

Günter pushed past us and into the morgue. ‘Enough of that social chit chat, we get going must—we have Driver to get to, remember?’ He fiddled with the device causing a rainbow-coloured ring, large enough to fit two people, to materialise.

Günter stepped into the ring and then beckoned to me.

I held up my hand. ‘Wait!’ I then grasped Hooper’s arm. ‘When you see Kate, or any of my family, tell them I’m okay.’

‘I’ll tell them Holly Mueller is just fine.’ Delaney lifted the bag of melons. ‘And I’ll go to Adelaide and see what we can do with these.’

I pulled on my helmet, then jumped into the rainbow circle, and watched Delaney and Hooper pixelate into nothingness.


I hit the sand, head first, then picked myself up and dusted the fine grains from my visor.

Günter leaned against the wall of the cave and gazed out at the light shining through the entrance. ‘You your time took.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I’ve been waiting here half an hour, why so long? Were you in the worm hole lost?’

‘I don’t know, I can’t remember. One minute I’m in the old morgue, jumping in the ring with you, and the next I’m here. I wasn’t aware of any detours.’

Günter avoided eye-contact. ‘You say so.’

I made a mental note: In one of his grumpy moods, I’ll deal with that…later…In the meantime, I’ll ignore it…hopefully he’ll get over whatever’s bothering him.

I trod towards the entrance. ‘I suppose we must start hiking to the Convent.’

‘I suppose we must,’ Günter said. ‘What a shemozzle! I cannot believe you come up with ridiculous story. Now again we are stuck on this terrible planet.’

‘Hey, it’s not all bad. At least we know what’s really happening on Earth and we have a chance to do something about it.’

Günter sighed. ‘You do not have any idea what you have done. It is not going to plan. It is a mess.’

‘It’ll work out. We’ve a few weeks of hiking to come up with a better plan. Have a little faith.’

I tightened the straps of my backpack and strode into the open and along the mountainside. Günter made a few grumbling sounds and then trailed after me.

© Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2019

Feature Photo: Living the Dream, Murton, Switzerland © L.M. Kling 2014


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