Out of the Chocolate Box (43)

I had an idea and slipped behind some thick curtains while Günter poured over some huge leather-bound book. I did not know if my plan would work, but it was worth a try.
Günter turned around. His eyebrows knitted together in a searching look. He glanced around the room, darting his eyes in every corner, like a cat hunting prey.
I tried not to laugh, but a snort escaped. I would have to move to keep one step ahead.


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Out of the Chocolate Box (42)

We walked the path from the beach. The Convent emerged over the dune before us, reminding me of Le Mont St. Michel in Brittany; beautiful, yet imposing.
Already the incoming tide consumed the sand on the shore.
‘Do you think Trigger will be alright?’
Günter gazed over to the Convent and for some time remained silent.

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Out of the Chocolate Box (40)

As we rumbled and tumbled out of the valley and over the savannah, Günter flicked through the diminished and faded tape collection. On this state-of-the-art flying-space car, how quaint to have cassette tapes!
‘What is Billy Connolly?’ he asked.
Günter ejected Dire Straits and inserted Billy Connolly.
A flood of swear words filled the cabin.

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Out of the Chocolate Box (39)

Günter stood back and watched. ‘So, where’s the key?’
‘Erm, I remember John, Minna’s brother…’
I groped under the rim of the front left tyre.
Gunter rolled his eyes. ‘I know who John is.’
‘Well, he…’ I ran my fingers over the rough and greasy underside edge of the car body.

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