Out of the Chocolate Box (46b)

The Red Mini Dress

[Minna Menace: Part 2]

[Episode 46b of a spin-off from my novels The Hitch-hiker and Mission of the Unwilling.]

I jumped up. Heart thumping—me shaking.

Taking deep breaths, I lay on my back and tried again to sleep.

*                             *                                  *

The face of Minna haunted me.

I lay in a bath. The water turned cold and drained away. Next minute water tickled my feet, again.

                               *                                  *                                  *

My feet were frozen. I curled up, knees to my chin to gain some warmth. However, the action was futile, I was completely cold and wet. Water surged around and over me. I gulped a mouthful of sand. Am I drowning?

Spitting out the sand and water, I jumped up. Battled the elements of the tide. Soaked from head to toe, I squelched my way back to the Convent.

On the way, I checked the contents of the car, Trigger for spare clothes. The trunk contained a towel and a tee-shirt. Although dry, I refused to wear the tee-shirt which was huge and had an oil stain. I poked around the car some more.

Under a grey army blanket, I discovered a plastic shopping bag. I opened it up and pulled out a red mini beach dress with a white palm tree printed over one corner. I examined the red dress, it was clean. I thought of Commander Driver. I considered what Driver would say if I wore my wet clothes. Then I considered what Driver would say if I wore the revealing red dress.

It’ll do!

Under the cover of the grey army blanket I donned the mini dress. I was pleased as it was a perfect fit. I chortled musing what I might say to the draconian Driver.

What amused me more was the matching red bikini hidden at the bottom of the plastic bag. Clutching the bag, I made my way to the entrance of the Convent. I’ll drive-her away—she won’t cope with the red dress. I imagined her thundering down the passage in fear of seeing so much skin.

Gazing back at the sea, I drew in the still early morning view of the sunrise that had created a swirl of deep purples, pinks and blues. Waves gently rose and fell with the tide. The waves crashed on the shore and echoed, ‘Surf me! Surf me!’

I decided that when the door opened, I would use my natural charm and with the excuse of an early morning swim, get past any interrogators of the Driver-nun kind and into breakfast.

The door was locked. I knocked. Minutes ticked by. The Grandfather clock in the hallway paced the time, “Tick-tock, tick tock.” No one seemed to hear me. Knocked again. Checked that the dress at least covered halfway down my thigh. Admired my legs. Nice legs, but they definitely need a tan. Ah! Australia, the land of tan.

At last! Footsteps approached the other side of the door and it opened with a groan. I stood unselfconsciously; quite forgetting that I was entering a convent in a mini dress.

‘Holly! What the—?’ Günter covered his eyes with his hand.

‘Nice weather for a swim?’ I said, caught off guard with Günter’s reaction. After all he had seen me in the gym on the Little Sister Ship. We don’t exactly wear our boiler suits in the gym. We wear our sports gear. And did I mention the showers are unisex—there’s not room for gender separation.

‘This is a convent! You are embarrassing! Go! Get to your room and cover up. Mach Schnell!’ Günter’s cheeks glowed red. How cute he looks with rosy cheeks.

I sped to my room and from the wardrobe chose some attire more modest and appropriate; a drab brown skirt and white frilly top. Left out the bustle as I did not know how to fit that on. Folded up the small red dress, and with a sigh, placed it under my pillow—for now.

This morning I would be in time for breakfast.

© Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2019

Feature Photo: Port Noarlunga © L.M. Kling 2017


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4 thoughts on “Out of the Chocolate Box (46b)

  1. Love this piece. Just as well Trigger had clothes for Holly. She must’ve been a sight sleeking back to the convent, um she got embarrassed with Gunther’s remark. This is moving along . Where is Boris? Keep up your writing

    Liked by 1 person

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