Lost City, More Adventures

Celebrating the first anniversary of Trekking With the T-Team


More Adventures in the Lost City, Kings Canyon

[Extract from Trekking With the T-Team: Central Australian Safari 1981]

Rick’s Rockhole
Sunday August 9, 1981

My bladder ached with cold. Unable to bear the urge any longer, I peeled off the layers of sleeping bag, pulled on my boots and braved the frosty air in search of a bush.

Snore! Phew! Pop! Snore! Phew! Pop!

Before leaving the campsite, I turned to appreciate the men’s symphony of snoring around the fire, then shuffled through the bush in the dim light of dawn to hide behind a gnarly shrub.

I pulled down my pants and eased into crouching position. Ouch! Something sharp bit into my bottom. I leapt two feet forward. Stiff shards of branches scratched my face. Rubbing both my rear end and face, I looked around to see what had pricked me. I knew it! A spinifex bush. Well…

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