Out of the Chocolate Box (53)


[Episode 53 of a spin-off from my novels The Hitch-hiker and Mission of the Unwilling.]

Smith, Liesel, and Driver greeted us at the teleporter kiosk. They stood still with expressions so grim, if the wind had changed, it would cause the look on their faces to be permanent.

A weedy male with a salad bowl haircut and a face that would make alien abduction stories believable, stepped up beside them. I assumed he was the newest addition to the LSS. Great! Another little upstart! Just what I need!

‘Holly, this is Bruce.’ Liesel barely moved her lips. She mumbled something I could not catch, then said, ‘He’s taking your place…Sorry things didn’t work out.’

Bruce stared at me as if I had rabies and kept his hands firmly behind his back. Something about his transparent blue eyes disturbed me.

‘When did he arrive?’ I asked.

‘Just before you,’ Smith said. ‘We had to make a few changes.’

I looked to Captain Fahrer and suspected the worst. Fahrer folded his arms across his chest and avoided eye-contact.

‘I think under the circumstances…’ Liesel began.

‘Holly, you are to come with us,’ Driver said.

As we followed Driver, I heard Fahrer tell Smith, ‘I have a jawbone for you to analyze—check the DNA.’

Once out of earshot from Smith and Fahrer, Liesel growled, ‘What the fudge do you think you were doing? You idiot!’

‘He-It tricked me. And I wouldn’t be so sure about Bruce…I sense something not quite right about him.’

‘You’re telling me this? After being hoodwinked by a kitchen-hand?’

‘He pretended to be Fahrer. You told me to cheer him up.’

‘Look I’m going to give you the heads-up,’ Liesel said. ‘You see, we had doubts about your ability as a seer, dear…I guess what I’m saying is…there’s been some concerns about your conduct…and we feel that you’re a security risk. You’ll probably be court martialed, or at least dishonourably discharged.’

‘But he was a Boris agent. I tried to tell Driver, but she wouldn’t listen.’

‘Don’t come the raw prawn with me, Holly! You and I both know you have a problem with men. You don’t think we don’t know about Strahan? I mean, why were you late? The bottom line is you can’t afford to get distracted. This is a professional organization. Boris is closing in on Earth. And the fact you got duped by that excuse of a human being in disguise is an exemplar of how distracted you’ve become.’

Driver stopped at the entrance to her office and then glared at me. ‘Do you think I am stupid? I see the way you look at him—Fahrer. I’m just glad nothing happened, or you would’ve been in more serious trouble.’

The Commander of the Mother Ship ushered us through the door. ‘Sit!’ She ordered.

I sank onto a little stool as Driver towered over me. Liesel stood by the door, her hands behind her back in attention mode.

Driver circled me like a shark. ‘Do you know how many hours we searched for you? Do you?’

‘A few, Ma’am.’

‘Do you realise how many hours Captain Fahrer and the others have been searching for you? Do you realise what stress you’ve put the team under?’

‘Yes, Ma’am.’

‘Fahrer was out of his mind with worry. He thought you’d been captured.’

‘I nearly was, Ma’am.’

‘Don’t get smart with me, Miss,’ Driver said sounding like an irate school principal.

Liesel chipped in. ‘I had to locate her with the teleporter, and what do I find? A secluded beach and defying the six-inch rule!’

‘What rule?’ I had never heard of such a rule before.

‘We, this whole crew could get into hot water, you know. Geeze! I thought you knew better!’ Liesel said.

‘I don’t understand. One day you’re telling me to talk to Fahrer and cheer him up. Now you’re scolding me.’ I defended.

‘Who did you think you were seeing, just out of interest?’ Driver asked.

‘Günter Fahrer,’ I explained without blinking.

Liesel covered her mouth and stifled a snigger.

‘I see.’  Driver stroked her double chin. ‘It never ceases to amaze me what lengths Boris will go to trap our team members.’

‘Ma’am, if I may speak, that new crew member for the LSS, I’m not so sure about him. I’m getting the sense—’

‘Nonsense!’ Driver snapped. ‘After your shenanigans down there on the Pilgrim beach, I really don’t think you have any sense.’


Driver sidled up to Liesel. ‘Your work here is done Sergeant, you may go. I would like to remind you that nothing that is said in this office goes any further. Understand?’ After Liesel departed, Driver paced back to me. ‘Now, speaking about Boris and his devious ways…’

I nodded.

[To be continued…]

© Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2019

Feature Photo: Storm on Glenelg Riprap © L.M. Kling 2019 (July)


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3 thoughts on “Out of the Chocolate Box (53)

  1. In the para ‘Don’€™t come the raw prawn . . . it should be either ‘you have a problem with men’ or ‘you have problems with men’€™. Same paragraph reads ‘Why you were late?’€™ word order needs changing.

    Good story.




  2. I sense things are starting to go in a different direction . Poor Holly always get into trouble by her antics. You’ve got me , I’m riveted in suspense. Honestly can’t wait for next instalment .
    Keep up your writing

    Liked by 1 person

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