Out of the Chocolate box (62)


[Episode 61 of a spin-off from my novels The Hitch-hiker and Mission of the Unwilling.]


My world turned grey and Hessian.

Someone grabbed my hands and pulled them behind my back. They bound my wrists.

‘Let me go!’ I cried.

I wriggled and squirmed, but they held me tight.

They carried me and then threw me onto metal. I kicked. The walls echoed like aluminium. I must be in a tin container.

A roar and then a chug, chug, chug like a V-eight engine. I’m in a cabin of a car. As it lurched into motion, I bounced and thudded against every possible hard surface. No luxuries like seatbelts to keep me in place.

After some time being tossed around, the vehicle came to an abrupt halt and I banged my head against the metal back of the driver’s seat. I fell. I tried to stand. I keeled over, hitting my head on the floor.

‘Urgh,’ growled some being that sounded like an ape-man. He grabbed one arm.

‘Urumph,’ another ape-man grunted. He gripped my other arm.

They pulled me out so that my toes dragged on stones. The air stank of rotting cabbage.

A squeak and a clang, and the stench changed from cabbage to crushed cockroach. Their footsteps echoed as they frog-marched me.

Another creak.

‘Hoo!’ one said.

‘Hoo!’ the other went.

Then they shoved me, and I fell splat onto the floor.

‘Ah, we meet again,’ a man said. He lifted the Hessian bag from my head and tossed it on the clay floor.

‘What?’ I looked around to see who I was meeting again.

I blinked adjusting my eyes to the light. A man wearing a mask, similar to an executioner’s hood, turned away from me, walked out the door, and with a click, locked me in.

I raced up to the door and kicked it. ‘You creep! You gutless creep! Come back! How dare you capture me and lock me up.’

Footsteps clopped down the hallway and then faded into the distance.

I sat on the Hessian bag and waited for something to happen. They’d flogged my invisibility cloak. I shivered.

Time passed in a sense of unreality with nothing to do. Bet Driver and the others would have escaped. I hope so. I hope Liesel or Fritz’ll come to my rescue. Perhaps Günter as the good captain of the LSS will rescue me.

© Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2019

Feature Photo:  Historic Prison Cell, Port Arthur, Tasmania © L.M. Kling 1995


 Yearning for adventure? Space adventure?

Click on the links to my novels below and learn how this war on the alien cockroach Boris began and will continue…

Mission of the Unwilling

The Hitch-hiker

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