Out of the Chocolate Box (68)

Parents Three

[Episode 68 of a spin-off from my novels The Hitch-hiker and Mission of the Unwilling.]

‘Well, I began working for the couple. Her husband, some blonde guy, called Andreas, apparently spent long periods away from home. And Minna, called Anni, so dark and pretty, caught my attention. Actually, I didn’t believe for a minute, Minna really looked like that. We knew they were spies. I did nothing wrong. They were pretending to be married.’

‘They had a baby boy, for heaven’s sake.’

‘Do you know something you’re not telling me? I could never get out of Minna who Andreas really was. But she did have a thing for my father’s 2-i-C, at one stage before he betrayed us. You understand?’

What if this cockroach can read minds? Like Boris. I blocked my thoughts from him. ‘No, I don’t—just logic, if they go to the trouble of having a baby.’

‘Poor child. Should’ve never been born.’ Kirk edged closer to me and stroked my back.

I shrugged off his touch and moved away. ‘She had another child, was he yours?’

‘Oh, yes—now that child was a genius, a fast developer, just like me.’ Kirk cackled. ‘His Grandfather is so proud of him. He didn’t think the genes would carry over to the next generation, but obviously, they did.’

‘What do you mean? Genes go down the generations.’

‘But, you see, in my case, Boris engineered me from three parents, so I could be fully human and Bytrode.’

‘So who were your parents?’

‘Well, my dear,’ Kirk played with my hair. ‘There’s your friend Monica—she could’ve been a model, you know. Only the best will do. Then Boris of course.’

I removed my hair from Kirk’s playful fingers. ‘And the third?’

‘Oh, I was hoping you could tell me, my—’

I slapped him on the cheek. ‘Cut the labels. I’m your enemy, nothing more.’

‘Oh, my cupcake. What have they done to you? Don’t you remember all those wonderful—?’

I shoved him away. ‘No! You slimy little creep.’

He pounced on me and pinned me down. ‘You’re special to me, Minna.’

I kicked and pummelled him. ‘You’re delusional. I’m Holly. Get off me!’

‘But why? You used to enjoy me. Remember Strahan?’

‘Ee-yew, was that you? You were Fox?’ I was nauseas at the thought.

‘Who else, my precious. You enjoyed that night.’

‘As Holly…’

‘But that’s where you’re mistaken. I’ve always known who you really are.’ Kirk’s lips blurred as they zeroed in on my face.

I turned my head. His body so heavy on mine, I couldn’t move. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t scream. I waited for the lips to change into a funnel and commence sucking the life out of me.

‘And how are we going? Ready for your feast, Master?’ a deep voice called.

I looked in the direction of the voice.

A sliver of light streamed through the door. The masked executioner stepped through, blocking the light.

‘Later, Chief Ex, I’m in the middle of something, right now,’ Kirk said.

Chief Ex strode towards us. ‘But she hasn’t been seasoned yet.’

‘Do you have a problem with that? I don’t,’ Kirk snapped.

‘But you can’t have your females—unprepared. They have to be prepared.’

‘No, they don’t.’ Kirk lifted his head. ‘I like mine just as they are.’

‘Not dead, with a little pepper on the skin?’

‘No, I want this one alive.’

Phew! I imagined what he might do to me alive. No, maybe not phew.

Chief Ex pulled a small canister from his pocket. ‘Well, then I’ll pepper her for you. Shall we?’ He shook the jar over my hair and face dusting me with pepper.

I waved and slapped at him. ‘Get it off me!’

Kirk shoved Chief Ex. ‘Listen to the girl. She doesn’t want it either.’

Chief Ex grabbed Kirk by the neck. He drew a sword from under his cape. ‘Listen you upstart, your father wants seasoning, so the girl is going to have seasoning. Understand?’

Kirk with the corners of his mouth downturned, nodded.

Using his sword, Chief Ex forced Kirk off me. Then, with his weapon aimed at Kirk, he hauled me up and led me out of the room.

Behind us Kirk said, ‘Just one question while we’re on the topic, you wouldn’t be able to tell me who was Minna’s former boyfriend? I think he might be the third one…’

© Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2019

Feature Photo: Sunset Coles Bay © L.M. Kling 2009


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The Hitch-hiker

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