Out of the Chocolate Box (69)

The Man Behind the Mask

[Episode 69 of a spin-off from my novels The Hitch-hiker and Mission of the Unwilling.]

Chief Ex hurried me along the passage and then pushed me into a room that was like a parlour or games room.

‘He looked in fine form,’ he remarked following me in.

I wiped perspiration from my temple. ‘He was—you saved me.’

‘I’m a hero, then.’ The chief leaned against a cluttered bookshelf. ‘Anyway, we have not much time. How is the son?’

‘Sleazy. Ugh! Horrible!’

‘No, I meant, is he getting krank?’

‘No, just randy.’

‘Not krank then,’ Chief X said. ‘But did you not give him the melon?’

‘I ran out.’ I looked at the executioner. ‘You’re speaking Deutsch?’



He lifted the hood off his head. Günter, his eyes glistening, gazed at me.

I stared at him. The last time I was this close to Günter he turned into a nasty little man with acne. I hadn’t recovered from the shock of that. ‘You?’

‘Yes, me. You didn’t think I’d leave you alone with that ball of slime for too long, do you?’

‘But how did you know?’

‘Shhh.’ Günter pressed a finger to my lips. ‘We must schnell. Once this place finds out Boris is dead, all will go into meltdown.’

He then cupped my face in his palms. ‘You stay here must. I’ll go and deal with the Boris son.’

Just wait a minute. Is this Günter? I backed away from him. ‘How do I know you’re really who you say you are? How do I know you’re not another crazy shape-shifting Boris guy? Or worse, the real son of Boris?’

‘I can’t explain now, you just have to trust me,’ he replied, then replaced his hood.

The Chief Ex-Günter scurried from the room closing the door behind him.

I pressed my ear to the door.

A few minutes later I heard a scream. ‘DADDEEE!’ Then a cry. ‘NOOOO!’

An alarm rang throughout the complex. Screams, howls, and gunshots echoed left and right of my room.

I opened the door and peeped through. A herd of blue maidens galloped past. A band of executioners followed hacking and slashing anything in their path.

The Chief-Ex-Günter chased the executioners.

I shut the door and scurried to the farthest corner of the room.

Chief-Ex ducked in and then locked the door. He scanned the room and locating me, said, ‘There you are.’

‘What happened to escaping?’ I asked.

‘Too late for that now. The place is in chaos.’

‘Great! I’m stuck here with the Chief Executioner.’

‘Don’t sound so excited.’

‘The place has gone nuts, and next thing it’ll be burning down with us in it. Do you blame me for being less than enthusiastic?’

‘But you could just be a little grateful.’ He crept to the door, opened it slightly, and peeked out.

‘You could still be the son of Boris.’

‘I’m not. Trust me.’

‘Prove it, then. If you’re not the son of Boris, you won’t come anywhere near me.’

Chief Ex shook his hooded head. ‘Okay, whatever you say.’

I sat on the bed and wrung my hands. ‘So, when it calms down, we get out, promise?’

‘Yes, promise.’

© Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2019

Feature Photo: Ruin near Hill of Grace, Barossa Valley, South Australia 2019


Yearning for adventure? Space adventure?

Click on the links to my novels below and learn how this war on the alien cockroach Boris began and will continue…

Mission of the Unwilling

The Hitch-hiker

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