100-word Christmas Challenge

Holly’s Christmas Dream

[Extract from Mirror World, the yet-to-be published sequel to Out of the Chocolate Box.]

Christmas Eve. Two little boys raced to the fir tree decorated with white “Chris mons” and tinsel. Real candles burned on the branches. Gunter followed. His dark hair tumbled around eyes that glistened, reflecting the candlelight while tracking the boys.

A happy family scene.

The older boy, Phillipe ripped wrapping paper asunder to get at his hand-made wooden car.  The younger crawled in and out of the boxes. Contented.

Gunter chased him. Clutching a little package. Urging. ‘Open your present, Karl.’

I darted to the oven. Turkey-check. Then, glanced at my reflection in the windowpane.

Minna stared back at me.

© Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2019

Feature Photo: Candlelight © S.O. Gross circa 1950


It’s Holiday time. Treat yourself and read more on the adventures of Holly and Minna and their war against the fiend you love to hate; an overgrown alien cockroach, Boris.

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