K-Team Tasmania– Mt. Wellington

Making the Most of Mt. Wellington

[Mid-Summer, here in Australia and memories of the K-Team’s visit to Tasmania surface. Ah, memories of travels with my husband, his brother (P1), and cousin from Switzerland (P2), to Tasmania; a brilliant and beautiful destination to virtually travel any time of the year.]

The cost of cheaper flights to Hobart via Melbourne? An early rise for a 6.25am flight, made earlier by day-light saving. I was reminded of a Monty Python skit and by the end of waiting at Melbourne Airport for four hours, I felt like I had risen before going to bed.

[Photo 1: Waiting at Melbourne Airport © L.M. Kling 2016]

We had a moment when landing in Melbourne. With the high winds, the plane wobbled and tilted. Then it accelerated and rose up into the air. After another circuit of Port Phillip Bay, the pilot explained that the winds had been too high to land, but that with the second attempt, we would be on schedule for landing. I held my breath and prayed as the plane made another attempt. That time, we landed. I gave thanks to God. On my way out I thanked the pilot for landing us safely.

[Photo 2: Flight over Tasmania © W.A. Kling 2009]

After an uneventful flight to Hobart, we drive our hire car, a Toyota Kluger, to Sandy Bay, a suburb of Hobart, where we checked into our apartment. I tried phoning my auntie. No luck. Not home, apparently. So, the K-Team decided it was shopping time. After a mini-tour of Sandy Bay, we found the supermarket; a carpark challenged-supermarket. Found one space and squeezed the Kluger into it. My husband found the reverse camera most useful.

[Photo 3: Sandy Bay many years ago… © L.M. Kling 1995]

As we piled out of the car, husband pointed. ‘There’s your auntie.’

So, that’s where she was, shopping for our visit. I ran up to her and tapped her on the shoulder.

Photo 4: “Halfway” up Mt. Wellington. View from my auntie’s Ferntree home © L.M. Kling 2009

After the formalities of introducing the K-Team and greetings, my auntie asked, ‘What are your plans?’

‘We were thinking of going up Mt Wellington but it’s getting late,’ I said.

Photo 5: Calm waters on Bellerive Marina. Background: Mt. Wellington that presides over Hobart. © L.M. Kling 2011

‘Go up the mountain,’ my auntie advised. ‘You need to take the opportunity while you can. The mountain is all clear today. It’s not always like that. Tomorrow it could be covered in clouds and if it’s snowing, you won’t be able to drive up there.’

Photo 6: Climbing on top of a cloud-covered Mt. Wellington © L.M. King 2009

On her advice we drove up Mt Wellington. The advantage of daylight saving, still plenty of light to enjoy the view the top of the mountain offered. With an elevation of 1271 metres above sea level, the air was icy, but no snow. Hobart in shades of blue spread out each side of the glistening Derwent River.

Photo 7: Summit of Mt. Wellington. Has Mt. Wellington grown by a metre since 2001? © L.M. Kling 2001

[Photo 8: View of Hobart and Derwent River from Mt. Wellington summit © L.M. Kling 2016]

I shivered as the cold wind brushed my face. I froze even though I wore a fleecy jacket. Should’ve worn my beanie and gloves. Then a lady strode past, bare legs wearing a mini dress and light jacket. I shook my head and took refuge in the viewing kiosk.

[Photo 9: View while taking refuge from cold in kiosk © L.M. Kling 2016]

We spent less than half an hour at the top of Mt Wellington before sinking back into the welcome warmth of the car and the drive down the mountain to visit my auntie.

© Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2016; updated 2020

Photo: Hobart from the Summit of Mt Wellington © Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2016


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