Mirror World (2)

While Liesel waded through the crowd to the counter, I leaned over to Driver. ‘How’s your brother?’
‘Told you,’ she whispered.
‘So, it’s true, then.’
‘What about Delaney? He stayed behind to rescue her.’
‘She made it. But he just had to get a few more of Boris’ mutant prisoners to safety…he gave his life…’ Driver stretched her top lip over her teeth, closed her eyes, and shook her head.

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Mirror World

I waited for her on a crisp morning in September. The café where I waited was swamped with people in shorts and track suits and smelling of sweat. Jetty Road was a wall to wall mass of runners and walkers, and the obligatory onlookers. Great day to pick, Driver; just happens to be the inaugural City to Bay Run Fun.

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Postcards: Amsterdam

After picking up the Duster from the office, Hubby embarked on the challenge of driving in Amsterdam on the right side of the road. He took a little while to adjust to not over-compensating and bumping into the kerb on the right. Which he did a few times.

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Exploring Adelaide Hills

Every autumn, Dad and Mum picked berries while my brother and I, with our sieves, fished for yabbies and tadpoles. Once caught, we placed them in our glass jars to take home as pets. I liked to watch my tadpoles slowly turn into frogs, if they didn’t die or get eaten by our cats first.

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Tuesday Thoughts–Writers’ Privilege

I recalled as a student, hours locked up in my bedroom, writing my essays, trying to concentrate while my family went about their business, stomping in the passageway, dishes clattering in the kitchen and the television blaring in the lounge room. Did I mention trying to concentrate? Yes, trying, but not succeeding. And even now, as I write this blog, can’t go five minutes without interruptions. These days, though, I write my first draft, by hand, in a quiet place at a quiet time, and then I write this blog on the computer as a second draft.

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