100-Word Challenge: The Parable of the Toilet Roll

King of the Pile

Tails eased onto his porcelain throne. He sighed. Satisfied. A successful evacuation of toilet paper from all supermarkets world-wide. His team had swarmed into stores, voiding shelves of the papery products.

Tails’ pot-belly jiggled in mirth. Who would’ve thought the latest pandemic would act as the perfect cover, leading to a run on toilet paper. He basked in the glory of his paper towers spanning the globe. All stuffed in storage. Ready.

Wiping his tail, he tried to ignore the tightness in his chest.

Next morning, his wife discovered his body, his hand clutching a small square of toilet paper.

© Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2020

Feature Photo: Busting in Hermannsburg © L.M. Kling 2013


Stuck at home? Need some entertainment?

Escape into some space adventure? Or just delve into some plain dystopian adventure? Get to know this suspect character, Tails…before his papery end.

Click on the links to my novels below and learn how this war on the alien cockroach Boris began and will continue…

Mission of the Unwilling

The Hitch-hiker

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