Mirror World (11)

On the way, we swung through the leafy streets of Yelnu to pick up Jason and Brett Fox, young men in their twenties and sons of Geoffrey and Mika Fox. A more nerdy pair you could not find. Ironic coming from “Mr. and Ms. Cool” of the Eighties. Like these chaps sitting beside their respective favourite parent, tried too hard to imitate their eighties’ heros.
I glanced back at the boys and then nudged Jemima. ‘What is it with those two? Flannel shirts, black-rimmed glasses and the hair covering their faces. It’s creepy.’

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Mirror World (10)

‘Ah, there you are!’ He cackled much like a witch, but wearing brown trousers, skin-tight synthetic shirt of the same colour as the trousers, he resembled the type of creep who abducted Jemima. Never trust a man in brown trousers.

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Mirror World (9)

Gunter touched a lock of my hair. ‘I know lots of things, Holly and so does Boris. You are getting involved with some very dangerous people.’
‘You mean, the Cowpers? And Kirk?’
‘Yes,’ Gunter whispered, ‘but Kirk, he is not so dangerous.’

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Mirror World (8)

In the glow of the streetlights, I studied his features. High cheek bones, light brown hair flowing to the shoulder blades, and a goatee beard. Reminded me of Jorg from Skyn. Probably a fan. Dizzy, I staggered to the kerb and sat down on it.
He squatted beside me. ‘Are you not well?’ What was his accent? German?
‘No! I mean, yes. I mean, no, I’m fine.’
‘Do you need an ambulance? A hospital?’
I rubbed my chest. Funny, I hit the steering wheel hard and yet no tenderness. The light-headedness had eased with the sitting. ‘No, I think I’ll be okay.’
‘Are you sure? You did a very good job of car crashing and your car doesn’t look very well.’

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