Mirror World (33)

‘I really don’t want to miss out on the gig, you know,’ Monica said as we crawled through the main street of Rosenville. Bright coloured bulbs flashed at us from every direction. With a heavy heart I absorbed the competing displays. Families in the warmth and comfort of their homes busy preparing for Christmas. I was on the outside looking in. A cold and hollow sensation gripped me. I resolved to not be alone next Christmas, no matter the cost. Monica had become a good friend, but she had family—Kirk.


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Mirror World (32)

The car jammed on the brakes at a green traffic light. Followed by a bang. Steam billowed and doused Trigger with a snow shower of white powder. ‘I thought you said that this car was cloaked.’

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Mirror World (31)

‘Shut up, you two love birds,’ Walter said through a mouthful of crisps. He plunged his hand in the bag and crackled it as his fingers ferreted out a fistful of chips. ‘I’m watching the film.’
I stiffened. It seemed that Walter could see me too. Who else, then could see me?

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Mirror World (30)

I headed upstairs to Cinema 2. I tracked the carpet blazing red with Turkish designs and ran up the winding staircase. My head spun and my stomach churned as if a washing machine on the spin cycle. I boldly passed through the mahogany framed entrance.
The pimply attendant held an upturned palm. ‘Ticket please!’

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Mirror World (29)

Who was she? This blonde, stick-insect-clothes-hanging-off-her type, and an uncanny resemblance to Minna, but not Minna. Had John married someone like his sister? Or did Minna resemble her mother and John had inadvertently married his mother? Be careful not to probe, Holly.

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