Journey to Finale

So, my painting has had a rest for a couple of weeks. In that time, I put the work out of sight for a few days. I must distance myself. Otherwise, I consider a seriously flawed work, brilliant.

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Lost World of the Wends (16)

Joseph shook his head in disbelief. ‘Whatever—Okay, let’s climb this mountain.’ He wasn’t sure they’d get too far. They’d be lucky to get to Earth. First, they have to trace their route up to the mountain, Mt. Martin, then locate the cave, get the portal working, and then transport successfully back to Earth and not some other planet, and then to the same cave through which they came. Too many risks, too many variables and that’s without factoring in Boris. Who knows, Boris might be behind their transport to the lost world of the Wends. For the moment, he wasn’t even sure Amie would find the cave. He thought, I bet she’s a typical woman and can’t follow a Google map to save her life.

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Journey to Final

Is it to paint a sale-worthy product? Is my goal merely to make money out of my paintings? If it was, then, I might as well pack up my art supplies, store them in the garage, vege-out on the couch and watch Netflix shows.

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The rooster crowed yet again.
‘Oh, go on, you! It’s the middle of the night,’ Amie said. She returned to her bed and crept under the quilt.
The rooster continued to herald the dawn. Cockle-doodle-doo! Cockle-doodle-doo. Amie lay awake. Cockle-doodle-doo. Cockle-doodle-screech! Squawk! Squawk! Screech!

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My brother sprinted up through a gap in the boulders. We waited for his return and signal to proceed.
The wind whistled through the alley of cliffs. I looked through the crevice between the rocks. No sign of my brother.
‘I hope he’s alright,’ I said.
More minutes passed. We sat poised to move at any moment as if sitting on spinifex, yet we remained calm, mesmerized by the emptiness of the landscape, and the silence.
I looked through the gap again and asked, ‘What’s taking him so long?’ Then I slumped onto a large stone. Visions of my brother falling off the cliff plagued my imagination.