After catching the sun’s rays spreading over the mountains, we ate our muesli breakfast admiring the view…until the others in our party made an appearance.
Let’s just say that for some members, the novelty of early starts had worn off.


Story Behind the Painting(s)

The ‘morning after’ progressed from warm to sweltering and with each minute, energy drained from my recovering limbs that were lumps jelly. I plodded through the simple tasks of packing and eating breakfast.

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Monday Muse: Story Behind the Painting

We tramped through soft sand. Like sands through the hour glass so the minutes sifted away and our campsite continued to elude us. Sand filled my boots. I sat on the root of a river gum, pulled off my boots and poured out the sand.
MB stood over me. ‘Hurry up! We’ll never get there.’
‘Sure we haven’t gone the wrong way?’ I pulled on my boots. My feet ached.
‘No, I don’t think so.’

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Lost World of the Wends (56)

Nathan toyed with the police car’s CB radio. He stabbed at the buttons, lifted the speaker to his lips and blew, and then switched the device on and then off.
Walter readjusted his grip on the steering wheel. ‘You shouldn’t be fiddling with that.’
‘It should work.’
‘You’ve done something wrong,’ Walter said. ‘Maybe you’ve broken it. Dan’ll be pleased.’

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Lost World of the Wends (34)

‘But can’t I go with you?’ Amie pleaded as the men filled their sacks with current buns, water and equipment for climbing like hooks and rope. ‘Bitte Schone! Bitte! Bitte! Bitte!’ Amie ran after them as the men trudged up the valley to the mountains. ‘How will you get across the rapids?’
‘We have to do this, Amie—and Frau Biar’ll be suspicious if we don’t go right now to find Friedrich,’ Joseph said.

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