Lost World of the Wends (56)

Nathan toyed with the police car’s CB radio. He stabbed at the buttons, lifted the speaker to his lips and blew, and then switched the device on and then off.
Walter readjusted his grip on the steering wheel. ‘You shouldn’t be fiddling with that.’
‘It should work.’
‘You’ve done something wrong,’ Walter said. ‘Maybe you’ve broken it. Dan’ll be pleased.’

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Monday Missive: Finally Old and New

I sit, blank screen. Check out Facebook, blogs on WordPress, the news, answer some texts…Hmm, Netflix—wonder what the next episode of that time-travel series, Contiuum holds? No, must write. Return to blank page. Then to WordPress for Daily prompt for inspiration…
Finally! That’s a good start.

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Lost World of the Wends (34)

‘But can’t I go with you?’ Amie pleaded as the men filled their sacks with current buns, water and equipment for climbing like hooks and rope. ‘Bitte Schone! Bitte! Bitte! Bitte!’ Amie ran after them as the men trudged up the valley to the mountains. ‘How will you get across the rapids?’
‘We have to do this, Amie—and Frau Biar’ll be suspicious if we don’t go right now to find Friedrich,’ Joseph said.

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