100-Word Challenge: Worked…

Mum stood on the porch, and with hands on her hips, remarked, ‘And how are you going to get out of this one?’

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The T-Team with Mr. B — Glen Helen

We walked past a pair of gum trees bent in homage to the sacred place. A bell hung between them. I imagined Mum as a young girl racing across the red-hot sand of the compound, bare foot. “You were a wussy if you wore shoes,” she once told me.

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K Team @ Home — Hallett Cove

‘Well, where are they?’ I asked.
‘I bet they’re late,’ Mr. K muttered.
We waited, breathing in the sea-air on the gentle breeze, admiring the sparkle on the deep blue water, the emerald-green grass, and the rugged coastline. Then I closed my eyes, lay on the towel and napped.
After some minutes, I remarked, ‘They’re taking their time.’

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Light assaulted my eyes.
I blinked and rubbed what seemed to be sawdust from my dry eyes and stared at my son.
‘The air smells like smoke.’

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