Lost World of the Wends (57)

Nathan, Walter and Friedrich arrived in The Mission just after dark.
The locals sauntering on the main road greeted Nathan with a dip of their heads. ‘What’s happening with the radio?’ Nathan asked.
‘Radio not working,’ they replied.
‘Though’ so. Spirits have cut radio waves, I reckon.’
‘Hmm, those spirits very busy lately.’
‘Bad Walter, again!’
‘Hmm, bad Walter.’

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Lost World of the Wends (56)

Nathan toyed with the police car’s CB radio. He stabbed at the buttons, lifted the speaker to his lips and blew, and then switched the device on and then off.
Walter readjusted his grip on the steering wheel. ‘You shouldn’t be fiddling with that.’
‘It should work.’
‘You’ve done something wrong,’ Walter said. ‘Maybe you’ve broken it. Dan’ll be pleased.’

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