Out of the Chocolate Box (37)

Captain Fahrer and Holly hiked. Fahrer argued. Holly pushed his buttons. This hike across the Pilgrim Planet mountains was becoming more dangerous than navigating a drive through the Furka Pass in Switzerland…

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Out of the Chocolate Box (36)

‘Oh, this is wonderful!’ I gasped for the tenth time, then burst into song: ‘The hills are alive with the sound of music…’
‘Would you be quiet!’ Günter stormed off and raced ahead.

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Out of the Chocolate Box (33)

The world outside our tiny sphere turned from day to night. I twisted my head around. The view of Boris’ backside through the back windscreen; one big black cockroach hole—the details too disturbing I can’t bring myself to describe them—in my face.
‘Agrhh! He’s on top of us.’ I clutched Günter’s arm. ‘Help! He’s going to eat us.’
Delaney looked back and rolled her eyes. ‘You really have to wonder about that guy.’

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Aussie Summer Tales (1)

I squinted and studied the two colourful blobs on the sandhill. ‘Er, how d’ya know they’re residents?’ I asked Monica.

Monica splashed me. ‘Well, just look at them! It’s a hundred degrees and they’re dressed in clothes.’

I sighed and began to wade out the water.

‘Minna! What? You’re not going! They might be dangerous!’ Monica begged after me but did not move from her safe spot.

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