Lost World of the Wends (41)

Arthurglanced out the window. Cliffs shaped like giant stained teeth grinned back at him. Way below, tiny trees dotted the valley…’I guess when you booked this Far flung tour, you never imagined you’d be sitting on a bus on the edge of a cliff.’ he laughed nervously.

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The Raw Deal (3)

‘Not here in Australia. Not since,’ she lowered her voice, ‘I mean it got taken away in the ‘3o’s when we became a republic and,’ her eyes darted in the direction of a hologram of a popular avatar from a neighbouring country to Australia, ‘sold our country to—you know.’

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Water Release

Dad stopped the Rover and then stepped out. ‘I think I saw something.’
MB leaned over the edge of the roof. ‘What’s he doing?’
I shrugged. ‘Beat’s me.’
Dad trundled down the patchy road.
My older cousin (C1) jumped down from the roof rack. ‘Oh, he’s got something in his hands.’

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