Mirror World (20)

‘I’ve been tricked! She’s an illegal alien! Arrest her!’
I remained stranded copping this insane abuse. Curious onlookers gathered; the entertainment broke the monotony of hospital life and eternal patient-waiting.

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Mission For Free

Boris had looped his dressing gown cord around Liesel’s neck.
Liesel clutched at the cord. She thrashed. Kicked. And spluttered.
I detected Fritz poking his head around the corner. He held a laser.
Fritz fired a shot over Boris’ head.
Boris, paused, loosened the noose around Liesel’s neck. He smiled inanely, “Missed!” he said in a singsong croak

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Mirror World (19)

I glanced over my shoulder. Out of the corner of my eye Mrs. Cowper appeared way down the corridor. Even at that distance, her hair appeared a wiry mass of copper. How did a senator’s wife get away with such hair?
‘Oh, there she is, ‘the wicked step-mother’. That’s what Max calls her

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Mirror World (18)

I wiped my eyes and asked Jemima, ‘You wouldn’t be able to drive me to Baudin Hospital, would you?’
‘Sorry, I can’t. I’m spending time with Dan. He brought me here, I can’t just drive you there and leave him in the lurch. Especially after last night. Oh, how embarrassing! ‘nd that Walter keeps ringing me.’ She sighed. ‘Then I was going to go up to…’ Jemima waffled on about going to a coffee shop with some people and spending time with Dan again.
‘Can I drive your van again? I’ll return it to your house.’
Jemima dropped her voice. ‘I’d rather you didn’t. Fox was rather funny about you just taking it. And then, well, I sorta need it, you know, don’t want it to be stuck in the hospital carpark ‘n all, ‘n sorta muck up my plans if you know what I mean.’
I looked at Jemima as she trotted out weak excuse after weak excuse.

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Mirror World (17)

I glanced sideways. Kirk knelt at the end of my row. So pious! Shivers! Hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. I sank back on my cushioned seat and attempted to blend into the dimmed room and crowd. I hoped that he had not noticed me. How much had he applied the pastor’s talk? Would he kill me if he knew my mission to kill him? I imagined the bloody aftermath would not make a pleasant end to the ‘Love thy enemy’ theme of the night.

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Mirror World (16)

‘Now, if you don’ mind coming into the lounge wif me, Miss Mueller.’ Tails nudged me as he guided me from my chair, through the kitchen and into the lounge room.
I stood in the centre of the good room, much better and tidier than the one we’d left, and glanced at my watch. My wrist trembled. Six o’clock, church in half an hour—if I don’t end up in some cellar…
Nick draped an arm around me and breathed into my ear. ‘Now, Miss Mueller, I sees you got on quite well from my li’le favour—wot wif the attentions of not one, but two band members…’

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Mirror World (15)

Liam and Max both curled up on their own armchairs, eyes on their gaming devices and thumbs doing their exercise for the day.
‘Oh, yeah, that’s right. They were at each other’s throats. I reckon they’d have murdered each other if you hadn’t of come.’
‘I’ll take them to the park, looks like they need to burn off some energy,’ I said. More like exercise the rest of their little bodies…
‘Good luck,’ Maggie muttered and then gulped down her amber medicine on the rocks. She riveted her eyes to the catchy advertisement touting the news: Cockroach-Murdering Aliens on Death Row and then a low voice reminding the viewer, ‘Sponsored by Hunter Driver’. Gets around this Hunter Driver.

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Mirror World (14)

My bag hummed and vibrated. I leapt forward and rifled through my sack of never-ending things and yanked out the phone. Just in time, I pressed the answer button. ‘Hello?’
‘Holly, can you come and help today? I’m feeling a bit off and the kids are climbing the walls.’ Had to be Maggie.

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Mirror World (13)

Jemima lay sprawled on the sand. She reached up to Walter and cried, ‘Help me.’
Walter pulled her to standing and leaning on his arm, she staggered along the path behind us.
The giant slide emerged, a long silver ribbon glinting in the first rays of a new day.
‘Let’s slide,’ Jorg-Gunter grabbed my hand and we raced up the dune to the crest and starting point.

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