Mirror World (7)

I closed the door with a thud and Nick Cowper pressed his remote controller. The noise and the croquet vanished. Cowper twisted his head, and he made no attempt to stop his gaze inspecting me from head to toe and lingering on my breasts. EEYOU! ‘So youse the nanny me betta ‘alf’s employed?’
I stroked my neck and nodded. No wonder Admiral Thumm was concerned. The smell of fermented hops mingled with rank body odour. Tails in a former life and world — Nick Cowper. And he spoke English with a cockney accent.

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Mirror World (5)

‘Aunt Frieda, you’re getting embarrassing.’ I didn’t know where to look. Sure, Uncle Wilhelm shuffled from this life to glory some years ago, but all this sauciness and flirting between the two top Admirals of the IGSF made me shift uncomfortably on my seat. What would Minna, if she were alive, think?

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Mirror World (2)

While Liesel waded through the crowd to the counter, I leaned over to Driver. ‘How’s your brother?’
‘Told you,’ she whispered.
‘So, it’s true, then.’
‘What about Delaney? He stayed behind to rescue her.’
‘She made it. But he just had to get a few more of Boris’ mutant prisoners to safety…he gave his life…’ Driver stretched her top lip over her teeth, closed her eyes, and shook her head.

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