Out of the Chocolate Box (31)

I stomped the sand as if doing the River dance. The bugs crowded in my eyes, blinding me.
An engine roared from across the dry creek bed.
Boris straightened up and craned his short neck like a turtle coming out of his shell. ‘Who could that be?’

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Out of the Chocolate Box (30)

‘Oh, I couldn’t do that,’ Boris replied. ‘You see, you two are just not cooperating, you have to be dealt with—now, what’s the best way to eliminate you—slowly—and painfully?’ Boris cackled. ‘Ah, flies, how could I forget the flies?’
Our contention with bugs just became worse. Flies descended from out of nowhere and onto us. Eyes, nose, ears—no place was sacred for flies. Our moves fending off roaches now included swishing of our faces, the Aussie salute, as the flies mobbed us as if we were corpses.

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Boxing Day Special

What was a logistical nightmare for Minna’s parents, aunts and uncles, was joy for Minna as her favourite cousin Holly visited from Switzerland. But she cringed on spotting Wally. (Grandma had felt sorry for his mum). That sense of pity didn’t extend to Minna as that dreaded ring-in, and school bully, scowled at Minna. So, she avoided Wally, and concentrated her attention on Holly.

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Out of the Chocolate Box (27)

Günter stared at the empty space in disbelief. ‘Are you sure this was the place? They are not somewhere else?’
‘No, this is it. I remember the melon patch over there and we passed a smashed melon which lead here. Oh, and there’s a sock. Yes, this is it. They are gone.’ I picked up the sock. ‘I wonder who’s it is? Probably Fritz’s, he’s always losing his socks.’
‘So, what are we to do now?’

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Out of the Chocolate Box (26)

As I approached him, Fahrer snatched the container. ‘I’m not going back.’
I checked the time. The time did not look good. It would be late in the morning by the time we reached camp. ‘Okay, that’s fine! They were talking about leaving you behind anyway,’ I replied. ‘And since they wanted me to help you, I won’t go either. And if you don’t mind me saying, in your emotional state, it would be a good thing if you didn’t board the LSS.’ I was bluffing.

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