Out of the Chocolate Box (36)

‘Oh, this is wonderful!’ I gasped for the tenth time, then burst into song: ‘The hills are alive with the sound of music…’
‘Would you be quiet!’ Günter stormed off and raced ahead.

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Out of the Chocolate box (28)

Voices, children crying, shouting, and the hollow emptiness crowded my senses. It was like the ghosts of the past that inhabited this home, had camped in my memories. I was faint with dizziness. The room began to spin. I had to get out of there.

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Out ouf the Chocolate Box (22)

‘Hello, Liesel, it’s not working. Captain Fahrer’s depressed as ever. I don’t know how much lower moral can get. Do you realize this’s the fifth time we’ve visited this planet? In as many months?’ Smith stamped the ground. ‘Every time he climbs that mountain, he comes down even more depressed. I can’t take it any longer.’

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Out of the Chocolate Box (21)

‘There you are!’ Fahrer shouted and pounced on me in a tackle. I fell to the ground again, with my face, this time, in broken melon. I licked my lips enjoying the strawberry flavour. Mmm! Tastes good and I’m enjoying Fahrer’s arms around my waist too.
‘Ugh! Yuk!’ Fahrer sprang back.

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Trekking With the T-K’s (1)

Several kangaroos bounded across the sealed road in front of us. We slowed, keeping a wary eye on the wildlife that seem to have an attraction for roads and cars at dusk. Once in the camping ground, we followed the clearly numbered camp sites until we found ours.
Mr K set up the tent with little help from me. I just held the poles while he hammered pegs into the hard ground pitted with stones. He made sure the Ford stood between our tent and the gum tree.

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