Mirror World (2)

While Liesel waded through the crowd to the counter, I leaned over to Driver. ‘How’s your brother?’
‘Told you,’ she whispered.
‘So, it’s true, then.’
‘What about Delaney? He stayed behind to rescue her.’
‘She made it. But he just had to get a few more of Boris’ mutant prisoners to safety…he gave his life…’ Driver stretched her top lip over her teeth, closed her eyes, and shook her head.

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K Team @ Home — Hallett Cove

‘Well, where are they?’ I asked.
‘I bet they’re late,’ Mr. K muttered.
We waited, breathing in the sea-air on the gentle breeze, admiring the sparkle on the deep blue water, the emerald-green grass, and the rugged coastline. Then I closed my eyes, lay on the towel and napped.
After some minutes, I remarked, ‘They’re taking their time.’

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Out of the Chocolate Box (68)

What if this cockroach can read minds? Like Boris. I blocked my thoughts from him. ‘No, I don’t—just logic, if they go to the trouble of having a baby.’
‘Poor child. Should’ve never been born.’ Kirk edged closer to me and stroked my back.
I shrugged off his touch and moved away. ‘She had another child, was he yours?’

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