Photographic Premonition

‘Bitte! Bitte!’ Amie pleaded. ‘Please don’t hurt me.’
Zwar raised his hand. ‘I won’t.’
She backed against the wardrobe.
‘Believe me.’ Naturally he wouldn’t harm her. A pretty looking fraulein like her?

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Lost World of the Wends (53)

Arthur plodded up the gully. He laboured with each breath, gulping down air like a dying goldfish. Each step up was agony. He climbed the slope and staggered up the ridge.

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Daily Prompt: Stifle

So how do we manage this stifling heat? These days it’s about cranking up the refrigerated air conditioners, getting on with our busy lives of work or leisure in air-conditioned comfort while being concerned for our poor relations who have no relief from the heat.

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Lost World of the Wends (50)

Dan groaned, ‘I think I’m going to barf.’ He cupped his hand over his chin.
‘Sorry, mate, try not to. Look, I have to get out and find help,’ Arthur said. He wished Dan was well enough to accompany him. But for some reason, the so-called space travel had drained Dan’s physical resources more than his own. He studied the rest of the travellers. They’d been stuck in this bus longer than he had and so were weaker from dehydration and lack of food. It was up to him. Arthur kicked the window again. His foot slipped on the glass.

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