T-Team, The Younger–Happy Hunting Ground

Ah! A spring picnic at Brown Hill Creek. I loved picnics with Mummy, Daddy and Richard, my eleven-year-old brother. Brown Hill Creek in the Adelaide foothills had paths lined with eucalyptus trees, and a creek filled with yabbies and tadpoles for Richard and me to hunt. I imagined Brown Hill Creek as the perfect “happy hunting ground” for cats.

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Mirror World (12)

Monica hovered a couple of steps above us, guarding her precious son and plopping in and out of the conversation—mostly Kirk who rambled on about himself.
Don’t know what became of Jemima. I thought she said Dan was “the one”. But after a few glasses of the good stuff, from this region, she vanished. Last time I saw her, she and the bass-man Walter—was he the Mirror-Wally that Minna mentioned from her unwilling mission?—cuddled up on the love-seat couch in the room of mirrors.

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Story Behind the Painting: Bunyip Chasm

We bumped and rolled in Dad’s four-wheel drive Daihatsu down the track into the Gammon Ranges. We camped near Grindell’s Hut, backpackers’ accommodation. A murder-mystery from the early Twentieth Century involving the hut’s owner, spiced our discussion around the campfire that night. Then we set up a tent, for boyfriend, on the ground above the bank of the creek. I placed my bedding also above the creek under the stars. Dad opted for his “trillion-star” site underneath a river gum. No tent for him, either.

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Mirror World (11)

On the way, we swung through the leafy streets of Yelnu to pick up Jason and Brett Fox, young men in their twenties and sons of Geoffrey and Mika Fox. A more nerdy pair you could not find. Ironic coming from “Mr. and Ms. Cool” of the Eighties. Like these chaps sitting beside their respective favourite parent, tried too hard to imitate their eighties’ heros.
I glanced back at the boys and then nudged Jemima. ‘What is it with those two? Flannel shirts, black-rimmed glasses and the hair covering their faces. It’s creepy.’

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Mirror World (10)

‘Ah, there you are!’ He cackled much like a witch, but wearing brown trousers, skin-tight synthetic shirt of the same colour as the trousers, he resembled the type of creep who abducted Jemima. Never trust a man in brown trousers.

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