100-word Christmas Challenge

Gunter chased him. Clutching a little package. Urging. ‘Open your present, Karl.

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Out of the Chocolate Box (72)

‘I’m not your girl!’ I threw a book at him.
The book bounced off his head, and then cartwheeled over to the lampstand. Kirk’s gun claws, aimed at Günter and me, remained steady. They vibrated and whirred charging up to fire. Kirk crowed, ‘Bombs away!’

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Out of the Chocolate Box (70)

I whacked the plate scattering strings of pasta, or what looked like strings of pasta, over the floor, wall and his mask.
The Chief Ex peeled a spaghetti noodle from his mask. ‘What did you do that for?’
‘How do I know it’s not Boris food? Magellan maggots and some poor human’s blood and flesh?’

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Out of the Chocolate Box (65)

‘Ooh, touchy! Touchy!’ Boris said. ‘You think hands are so bad? I think it’s time you learn your lesson.’ Boris signaled for another guard to stand on the other side of me. ‘Get her out of my sight. The next time I see her I want her as a mince sauce on my Magellan maggots.’ He purred, ‘Mmmm! Magellan maggots.’

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