Out of the Chocolate Box (5)

As the Captain cried all aboard and the ferry’s horn reverberated throughout the cove, I scampered over to the ticket office. ‘One fare to Sarah Island.’ I offered my credit card.
‘Sorry, love.’ The stout man with jolly red cheeks shook his head. ‘We’re all sold out.’
‘But I lost my ticket.’ I clasped my hands together in begging pose. ‘I need to get on that boat—I must get to Sarah Island—isn’t there…?’
The man swayed his head full of grey curls. ‘I’m afraid you’ve missed the boat.’

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Out of the Chocolate Box (2)

I nursed a tall glass of lemonade chock full of ice. More ice than lemonade. Lemonade on the rocks. Did I mention the shot of whisky? Months spent as prisoner to the hospital system, I needed a break. Just one night before the mission. One last whiff of a real log fire. What am I doing here?

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The Choice Bits (4)

A beam shimmered from the disk. Gunter rubbed his eyes and blinked. Boris materialised in the centre of the beam. He appeared cockroach-shaped, then, as he strode toward Gunter, he morphed into human-form.
‘Well, now, Herr Fahrer, have you decided?’ Boris asked.
‘Yes, I have.’
‘Well, then.’
‘More than anything else, I want to be handsome, brave, attractive to the ladies like my brother Johann. But, I want to be myself, not someone else.’
Boris raised one side of the hairy eye-brow that spanned his forehead. ‘Very well, then.’
‘And one more thing, you know, like a package?’
‘Could I, with this new face, have a new life, say like in the Great South Land?’
‘Hmm,’ Boris nodded, ‘that can be arranged, if you wish. But…’

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Lost World of the Wends (59)

Voices. Rang in the valley. The hills seemed alive with the sound of people yelling and shouting.
‘There he is!’
‘It’s him!’
‘Get him!’
Friedrich hunted for a place to hide. But on the ridge of the slope, there was nowhere. Just short tufts of grass, stumpy bushes and loose pebbles. Friedrich froze.

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Lost World of the Wends (58)

Friedrich emerged from the cave and blinked. Mountains, shimmered blue and purple. Waves of pink and violet carpeted the hills leading up to the snow-covered peaks. Not like that dry dusty place he’d left which Walter insisted was the real Australia. Can’t be. Didn’t Boris promise a land of milk and honey? Can’t be the real earth, so barren. How could that be?

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Lost World of the Wends (57)

Nathan, Walter and Friedrich arrived in The Mission just after dark.
The locals sauntering on the main road greeted Nathan with a dip of their heads. ‘What’s happening with the radio?’ Nathan asked.
‘Radio not working,’ they replied.
‘Though’ so. Spirits have cut radio waves, I reckon.’
‘Hmm, those spirits very busy lately.’
‘Bad Walter, again!’
‘Hmm, bad Walter.’

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