Out of the Chocolate Box (52)

‘Yes, I get it. I didn’t want to hurt you.’ Günter leaned closer and gently brushed his hand across my cheek. I clasped his hand in mine. Usually at this point of the relationship, I return the hand to its owner and proceed to give the owner a lecture based on the ground rules of too much physical familiarity breeds regret and that based on my Christian principals… However, in the case of Günter, and I guess Fox back in Strahan, my principals had taken a hike, and my presence of mind had joined them. I regretted what happened in Strahan.

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Out of the Chocolate Box (36)

‘Oh, this is wonderful!’ I gasped for the tenth time, then burst into song: ‘The hills are alive with the sound of music…’
‘Would you be quiet!’ Günter stormed off and raced ahead.

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Out of the Chocolate Box (4)

Chirp! Chirp! My mobile phone vibrated sounding like a cricket. I flopped over the mattress to the bedside and grabbed the phone. An envelope on screen symbolised a text message. From him? How kind! An explanation perhaps. I fumbled with the miniscule keys on screen. You’re late! Ferry leaves in 15 minutes. No indication who sent the message. Just a very unhappy emoji, was all.

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Lost World of the Wends (58)

Friedrich emerged from the cave and blinked. Mountains, shimmered blue and purple. Waves of pink and violet carpeted the hills leading up to the snow-covered peaks. Not like that dry dusty place he’d left which Walter insisted was the real Australia. Can’t be. Didn’t Boris promise a land of milk and honey? Can’t be the real earth, so barren. How could that be?

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Lost World of the Wends (57)

Nathan, Walter and Friedrich arrived in The Mission just after dark.
The locals sauntering on the main road greeted Nathan with a dip of their heads. ‘What’s happening with the radio?’ Nathan asked.
‘Radio not working,’ they replied.
‘Though’ so. Spirits have cut radio waves, I reckon.’
‘Hmm, those spirits very busy lately.’
‘Bad Walter, again!’
‘Hmm, bad Walter.’

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